Orientation shoutout part 1

27 06 2010

I am going to finish the 30 day challenge but I am also going to use this blog to post about college.

I had orientation last week and it was so cool! I got to see what dorm I am going to be in. Its a little cramped space that is mirror image, having a bed, desk, dresser and closet for each side. The beds can serve as a couch in the morning and then you pull it out at night for an instant bed. We have a sink in our dorm with a mirror. There isn’t a lot of wall space but they have utilized the storage space quite amazingly. I didn’t meet my orientation roommate until that night. Her name was Olivia and she was uber cute. She was quite high maintenance but she was really sweet. She had come with her three buddies to orientation so I didn’t have a chance to really hang with her except for evenings when I am not really social at all.

At the very beginning they split us up into groups. We had four different colors green, yellow, purple and blue. There was also four different groups matadors, double t’s, raiders and something else. I was a purple matador. Our group leaders were Kylie and Kameron. I really liked Kylie! Kameron was cool with a k. I met Colleen a girl from Burleson who knows Jaki, and a couple of other people in my group. We played Never Have I Never and Schmoo and Schmimmer. After our first group session I went down to the student fair. It had all sorts of crazy groups including GSA and a pagan student ministries. The first Christian group I ran into was called Christians @ Tech. I talked with Ginny and it turns out that she knows a fellow student who is getting her Doctorate in piano pedagogy. I gave her my number so we could get together for lunch the next day. There were several other groups but that first one made me feel really comfortable and it reminded me of CSM a lot. I ate dinner with a group of people, four girls and a guy. They were really nice, kind of dirty but kind of funny. The evening activity was a night at the rec center. I ended up chilling with Hannah and I showed her how to play racquetball. On our way back from the dorm we ran into three girls who were lost and we all splashed in the puddles on our way back. They were also gushing over Tanner, a leader who looks like Justin Beiber after puberty. Eh, girls will be girls.




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28 06 2010

When I started college, I didn’t even turn up to orientation..maybe it’s because i’m still at home, but they seemed so pointless to me.

Sounds like the start of another exciting chapter in your life! Enjoy it…

16 07 2010

Schmoo and Schmimmer? never heard of that one

and i know i told you this before, but really pray about it and follow the holy spirit on which group to join…

and i didn’t know you knew how to play racquetball… cool!

18 07 2010

Okay you sit in a circle and the first person has a schmoo and hands it to the person next to them and says ‘this is a schmoo’ the other person says ‘a who?’ and the first person says ‘a schmoo’. Then the secon person hands it to the third person and the start again except when the third person asks ‘a who?’ the second person asks the first person and the first person gives them the answer ‘a schmoo’ to relay to the third person. You also start the schmimmer the other way. Except it’s ‘this is a schmimmer’ ‘a what?’ a schmimmer’ basically it ends up like this
This is a schmoo
A who
A who
A who
A who
A who
A who
A who
A who
A who
A schmoo
A schmoo
A schmoo
A schmoo etc..

So kinda like telephone.

You were the one who told me that, but I just wanted to write my original thoughts for blog purposes.

Yessss our local recreation center has a raquetball court so Allie, Micah and I go play sometimes.

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