Orientation Shoutout part 2

1 07 2010

On day two, my roommate woke up at 6:00am to start getting ready for breakfast.  Breakfast was at 8:00am! I felt so lazy because I would just lay there while she was getting ready.  She would leave about the time I was reading my Bible [still laying in bed].  I mean how long does it take to get ready in the morning?? Certainly not an hour and a half.  Granted that she did shower, but I’ve learned when you are living with girls showering in the morning and at night are near to impossible unless you like standing in line.

Anyway at breakfast I sat with two girls who were very very very sweet.  The breakfast room was just so big I didn’t know how I would find anybody.  So I sat with them.  One of them is in the purples and the other one was just kind of random.  Anyway so we head out to our respective buildings divided by major.  The Visual and Performing Arts head chancellor talked to us for a while.  FINALLY we head off to advising, divided into Theater, Art and Music.  Our advisor, Linda Gregston talked to us for a bit and explains how it will work.  She passed out a sign in sheet for a spot at advising.  I was almost at the end of the line, but the first guy had left the 10:45 and 11:00 spaces blank cos he noticed it was 11:05.  I automatically filled out the top slot.  The guy next to me told me that it wouldnt work because that time slot had passed.  I had a junky eraser so it didn’t fully erase.  Guess who was called first for counseling??  With all the dual credit I have taken only 9 hours were left of the freshman load for me to take.  So we added stuff from other years to make a grand total of 16 hours.  That doesnt sound like a lot but I am taking nine classes.  Most music classes are one hour classes.  Since I was the first person to be advised, I was the first to sign up for registration the next day :D

There were six music students there that day.  Three were from Lubbock, one was from Houston and Katie was from Southlake.  I traded numbers with Katie cos we were supposed to hang out later.  She also let me check facebook on her phone.  Now my facebook was claiming that I ‘installed Android for facebook’ on my phone.

While sitting with them Ginny from Christians at Tech texted me and we set up a lunch date.  Mom and I met her and Eliza [the piano pedagogy student] at Starbucks and we had a nice chat with them.  They are both 30 years old and Eliza has a family.  Ginny is engaged and soon to be married.  They have an interesting history together.  Texas Tech University is the third college they have ended up at together.  Without planning at all.  Definitely a God thing.  Eliza gave me some names of some students studying piano pedagogy.  I will look them up this fall.

I ate Chik-Fil-A from the cafeteria had the rest of the afternoon to myself so I kind of bummed around at the library.  Katie wasn’t texting me back [i had taken down the wrong number] so I explored. The campus library is seven stories tall and its HUGE!  You could get lost in there if you aren’t careful.  For dinner they had a fajita dinner and I learned that the guys who hand out the plates are twins.  It was a little freaky.  Right now one slicks his hair and the other has spiked hair with a little red in the front.  Katherine ate with us.  We met because she just plopped down next to me and asked where a certain room is.  I think we met before that but I cannot remember.

They had an ice cream social/dance that night.  They played about half rap music and half country.  I guess I could dance to rap music but I really don’t want to.  They are all freaky moves… I taught a couple of people how to dance to country music and I met a couple of dudes from Saginaw. I hung out with Bryan.  I taught him how to do the cottoneye joe and I learned the cupid shuffle.  I LOVE DANCING [except rap].  Next they took us out side and had a pep rally.  I’m surprised Mom couldnt hear it back at her dorm.  This night I discovered that everybody doesnt go to bed, they hang out in the common area of the dorm.  I ended up playing soccer with Sara, Eric and somebody else.  and then I tried talking to some girls but they did more talking.  They were all freaking out about registering for classes.  Linda does that for all the music majors.  It kinda dwindled down to some people messing with chatroullette.  Not really my thing so I went to bed.  My phone was dying so I couldnt really text people.




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4 07 2010
JN Hong

It took me a whole semester to figure out that our library had 7 floors to it. I asked one of my friends when I was staring at the library building, “What on earth are those levels for?” I obviously do not spend much time in the library. Good to see you’re slightly more intelligent than me. =)

Your college experience sounds quite good I must say. Chat roulette is amazing! Why don’t you like it? =P

5 07 2010

Well…. I like reading and the library is an escape. PLUS THEY HAVE INTERNET!

Anyway they were just doing freaky stuff…. Like getting the girl to act all cute and tricking the guy into asking for stuff. And then flipping him off and yelling eff you

16 07 2010

chatroulette is full of perverts avioid it at all costs…

18 07 2010

I know that now.

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