Day 12 – a story from your childhood

18 07 2010

If any story from my childhood deserves to be told it’s Myland.

When I was little we became obsessed with the movie Peter Pan. We played it all of the time. Then we started making up characters. The first happened to be Captain Hook’s niece, Gertrude. She was a girly girl who wore bikinis (the ultimate evil back in the day) and was very rude. Then his nephew, Thomas came. He was a sweet, quiet, mild mannered person. Eventually we moved them to Myland and created five families, the Bakers (my favorite), Trumbells (my second favorite), Schwartz, Aslets, and Browns.

I would name everybody in each family but that would take to long as eight of us had five people each. My characters were Thomas, Lilacher, La Vonne, Peace, and Judson. Gertrude got kicked out of Myland. Lilacher (i made up the name) was me, or the girl I always wanted to be. She was a tomboy who was fun to be around, funny and everybody adored her and she could take anybody in a fight. Her twin brother was La Vonne (a name I found in the baby book but later found out it was a girl’s name so i changed his name to Michael) and he was just like her fun, funny, and could take anybody in a fight. You never wanted to be on either twins’ bad side. Peace was exactly what his name implied. He probably grew up to join the peace corp and he always cried when people argued. He was a real pansy but I like him. Judson was a quiet dude, but you didn’t mess with him cos he was Judson.

Soooo the Trumbells were a rich family and their mother was a Manners Nazi. Allie’s character in that family was Margaret. She was mannerly and sweet but she was best friends with La Vonne who her mother did NOT approve of. Cuz he was lazy and not known for his manners. It’s not that he never worked he just did the bare minimum. Including keeping his portion of the grass cut at 11 15/16 of an inch so the firefighter wouldn’t fuss.

Thomas was buddies with Chrystal (the character based off of Allie) who was a very sweet quiet person just like him. Lilacher was best friends with Chrystal but she couldn’t understand or the life of her what Chrystal saw in Thomas. Lilacher herself had a huuuuuuuge crush on Christopher (Chrystal’s twin, and a character of Allie’s) but would never ever admit it to anybody.

That was what we always played. It was amazing fun, but it just kinda died cuz I ran out of stories for them. I’d make stories and adventures for them. I’m sitting here trying to remember everything but I can’t.

Another story for another time would be our other game, Land of Ghost.




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