Day 14 – explain how you got one of your scars

21 07 2010

I have two scars on me that have stories.

The first one is a football injury. I can hear the gasps already [After all that hating I did play football]. Anyway we were playing as a homeschool group out at some park aaaand Chance was the quarterback with the ball. Scotty and I were running toward him at the same time and next thing I remember is tumbling in the grass. My watch was ripped off of my hand and my hand was all bloody. He resprained his ankle. *sigh* that was one of many events that year where we ended up playing too hard and somebody got hurt. I may tell more of those stories later. Now I have a white scar on the back of my hand and my blood vessels don’t quite take the same path as they do on my other hand.

The second one is a long scar that runs the length of my back. I have scoliosis which basically I am leaning to the left and twisting toward the left. I had a 58 degree curve but after surgery it is now a 25 degree curve. Once you have scoliosis you cannot ever fully correct it, but they try their hardest to get you as straight as possible. That surgery was one of the scariest things I did in my life. Most people can’t see the scar unlessl I am wearing a formal gown or a swimsuit [what is that on your back]. The coolest part of the whole deal is that the doctor’s said i had a textbook recovery. Not a normal recovery but a textbook one, better than average. I think it was because I was in really good shape. I would spend HOURS upon hours out in the front yard doing cartwheels and handstands and walkovers. I was super flexible too. I am not super flexible anymore but I still have most of that flexibility. Anyway so that is scar number two, and it’s most definitely my biggest scar.




So what are your thoughts?

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