Day 15 – How do you think others view you?

27 07 2010

How do others view me? My one wish is that I could crawl in other people’s heads and find out.

I think that’s one reason I’m always getting into people’s personal stuff. Cuz then I will see the evidence that they really don’t like me and want me to go away.

That’s only happened a couple of times and those people still swear to my face that they like me and want me around. There is a signal in the back of my head that screams NO THEY DONT. So I avoid them. Usually if it seems like I am avoiding you I am probably assuming that I’m being a pain in the neck. There is only two people I have ever avoided because I didn’t like them. I am still avoiding them.

I am trying to make this a deep post, but anyway I am pretty sure most people find me a pain in the butt. Cos I know I can be annoying. And I am pretty sure the other half of people wish I would go away. But as long as they say otherwise I will believe them.

I just want to be remembered…love me or hate me you are still thinking of me

Since everybody is wearing converse I will wear something else
Since everybody likes to enjoy a life without God I will most definitely not
Since everybody overeats I will most definitely not
Since everybody has their real name on facebook I will most definitely not
Since everybody says ikr and lol I will most definitely not
Since everybody drinks, parties and skips class I will most definitely not
Since everybody proclaims their awesomeness I will most definitely not

I’ve been told I have refreshing forwardness, a great sense of humour, loyalty, maturity, I’m sweet, a good role model…words are so important to me. Sometimes I wish they weren’t. So if you say something I assume that’s what you meant. I remember stuff people say for a while. It usually plays in a loop up in my head.

Remember that sweet little note you wrote me? I probably have it saved on my computer or stashed in my room somewhere. It brings me to tears everytime I read it. Oh yeah, and that nickname you gave me? I really do love that. I just pretend I don’t sometimes.




2 responses

9 08 2010

what is ikr and who is ‘everybody’ who says it?

and if you won’t proclaim you’re awesomeness then you’ve forced my hand…


9 08 2010

Ikr is I KNOW, RIGHT? and i can list five people off of my facebook friends list who say it. And I hear it at random places. Just listen for it and you will see it start to pop up.

Um… I’m pretty sure everybody was asleep when you yelled that. Sooooo, nice try.

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