Day 18 – Last Item You Purchased

28 08 2010

Yes, I didn’t completely forget about the 30 day challenge.  As one fan pointed out, it’s practically been 30 days since I actually posted a day.  So here goes…

The last item I purchased was a book from Mardel’s called ‘Letters for Graduates’ I think.  I don’t remember book titles very well.  I do know that it was written by Charles Swindoll.  It was on their clearance rack as a grey book, which means it was a dollar.  If I’m not careful I will blow all my funds.  I passed up the cds using the logic that I don’t actually have  a way to listen to them.  I almost bought a journal because they were on sale.  I talked myself out of that one because I am less than halfway through my current one and I brought another one to college.  So if I work hard and finish both…

So you may be wondering how I went to the mall since I don’t have a car and Mardel’s is about two miles away.  I walked. Just kidding.  I rode the bus! The bus stops right outside the Student Union Building and then drops me off at WalMart which is right beside Mardel’s.  I met a guy named Gary and he was telling me about all the different aspects of the bus such as routes, and if you call a day ahead they will come pick you up specially after 7pm.  For you guys who are superprotective [which would be almost everybody reading this] we only talked about bus things, I didn’t give him my phone number, or my address, and he got off ten stops ahead of me.  But anyway I had a great morning/afternoon.  I would have gotten a quicker head start on my day but I waited for the food place to open at 10 am.




6 responses

29 08 2010

I’ve read that book! Some one gave it to Karan when she graduated from High School. It’s pretty good stuff. (:
I need to figure out the bus system here. It would make life more interesting.

31 08 2010

I like it so far! Yes ride the bus! Its amazing fun :) The lubbock bus drivers drive super crazy

3 09 2010

I here Denton’s drivers are the same

4 09 2010

You here??? :O GRAMMAR FAIL

1 09 2010

haha glad you figured out the system…
crap today’s wedesday…

4 09 2010

I love reminders like that. Especially since I had forgotten

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