School so far

2 09 2010

Today is the day that I officially had a full week of classes. I think the academics are going to be lots of fun, and not too hard!

My favorite class is ‘keyboard skills’. My teacher is pretty funny. He reminds me of Russell. It is supposed to be three of us, but Alyssa hasn’t showed up yet. I can’t remember the guy’s name. It’s really sightreading and transposition so far (my specialities). I can tell the other guy isn’t that great at those skills…I just realized how stuck up that sentence sounds. At first with my style analysis course I was being pessimistic and whiney but I really think that it’s going to give me some great skills that I don’t have. At the FIG meeting we were supposed to check out our leaning style. I already know I am a visual leaner and our instructor liked my example of how I have mom write things down for me so I will remember stuff.

Faith and Hope sent me a card. I don’t know who wrote it out, but it talked about how they missed me with crying faces. Aww.

I went to the wrong class for Master Class today. I sat down and all these trombonists were walking in. I got suspicious and asked about it.

Last night Ginny had a couple of us freshman girls over to her apartment. She made us dinner and one of the girls ended up being from my floor. It made me realize it’s been a while since I have driven a car, or eaten vegetables. I swear they are absent on campus. I really miss them and my stomach is effected.

A good time to go to the leisure pool?7pm on Wednesday. You can’t argue with the lazy river all to yourself.




6 responses

2 09 2010

your own lazy river, huh? UNFAIR. i want.

4 09 2010

Get your homework done and then we will talk

2 09 2010

am i going to have to make sure you are studying and not floating in the river all day? lol

and thanks for the notification spam today…:P

4 09 2010

I believe I was floating all evening.

That wasn’t a real spam, just a thankyouforcommentingonmystatus spell. If you want to see REAL notification spam, I can deliver. I can SO deliver

3 09 2010

I’m so glad to hear you are having good experiences with your courses! I know what you mean about the lack of driving and vegetables. It’s an odd realization, but I can relate wholeheartedly. Even though I have my own apartment, there isn’t much room in the kitchen to create really good meals. So I stick to the simple stuff. It keeps me fed, at least.

LAZY RIVER?! Holy Crows feet I’m envious!!!

4 09 2010

Do you have a car? I miss veggies

lazy river! thats what you get for living on campus at one of the big three schools.

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