A Violin Extravaganza!

10 09 2010

Kirsten Yon and Keith Redpath started off the concert with Sonata No. 5 in E minor by Jean-Marie Leclair.  The piece had a very beautiful melody, almost dreamy. The piece didn’t display very many dynamics.  The performers performed the piece well letting the melody sing in all the right places.

The second piece they performed was Sonata for Two Violins, Opus 56 by Sergei Prokofiev.  The Prokofiev sonata contrasted with the first sonata because it was exciting, and displayed very extreme dynamics.  At some point it almost seemed dissonant.  At one point in the piece they used a technique that involved plucking one note pizzicato and then playing a series of notes regularly with the bow. It made for an exciting finish for the first half of the program.

After the intermission they played Sonate pour deux violins seuls, Opus posthume by Eguene Ysaye.  This piece started off very sweet and dreamy and as it went on it turned into a fast paced piece that almost sounded like it was laboring until the end.

The last piece was Navarra for two violins and piano, Opus 33 by Pablo de Sarasate.  Sigurd Ogaard, Kirsten’s husband joined them onstage to perform the piano part.  The piano started off with a bang of a chord and the violins immediately jumped in and started playing very fast.  At one point it sounded like a Spanish folk song.  At another point the violins were playing very very VERY high almost squeaky.  This was a very dynamic song and it had several points where the piece sounded like it was done but it really wasn’t.

The program was well selected and the two violins sometimes looked like a journey to a common goal while other times two people practicing separate pieces.

The above is the review to the concert that I wrote for class.  I may or may not turn it in.  I am going to wait for the concert on Saturday featuring my piano teacher and write a review for that one.  Then compare and pick one to turn in.  I am going to try and get into the habit of writing a review for everything theater, art and music I go to.  I have to turn in four eventually for this class but if I get in the habit of it I might just turn all four in the first month.

The one downside to the above mentioned violin concert was the stupid girls who came and texted the whole time.  The ones who came ONLY because they needed class credit.  Seriously? Yes seriously.  Thank goodness they left during intermission.  Good riddance.




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