26 09 2010

…are really a pain. I now know that THIS is why I do not video blog. I was considering it but really? after this junk? No. Way. Unless I got my own camera. One of those little cute cameras. OOH! I could ask for one for Christmas, but then I’d need rechargeable batteries… and a battery charger. I should go for it, that way it gives me something to actually ask for Christmas. If I actually got one then I would have to carry around my phone, Ipod and Camera. That’s a handful. I guess I also need pants with bigger pockets, like guy pants. Girl pants never have big enough pockets. They can hold chapstick, credit/id cards but that’s about it.

Wow………… just wow. I accidentally clicked on the facebook logo while on the upload page. Yes I lost all of that upload. I know it is taking forever because this is facebook’s primetime for people. But COME ON! I’m through with facebook right now. I am currently trying to upload it to Google documents now and i’ll facebook again later.

My brain is going through a technology overload. This is how I feel after writing papers. Music has been blaring in my ears and I have been checking facebook notifications over and over and over…no new emails. Waiting and waiting. Why can’t I just upload it later? Good question I am glad you asked. I had to return the video camera today. Right now the file is on the library computer. When I log out all files will be deleted. Pretty cool huh? Not if I still haven’t uploaded it anywhere. It’s too big to upload to email, Youtube takes forever [if it takes 24 hours than try again], and facebook…well, let’s not talk about facebook.

What have I been listening to? Newsboys and Thousand Foot Krutch. They always make me smile. I really haven’t been on this computer THAT long. I am really just hungry and ready to get off. I think I left the practice room at 2:13 and got here at 2:20. It is currently 6:07. That is almost four hours. I guess that is a long time. I have a CA informational meeting at seven tonight. I don’t have to go but I want to. I want to work as a CA. How hard can it be? I pretty much did it at home anyway. The hardest part would probably be restraining myself from running my floormate’s lives.

“Dude! Getting drunk is bad for you!”
“I’m your CA so it’s the same thing!”
“NO IT’S NOT!” *pukes because she is super drunk*

I doubt I would be THAT bad as a CA. That is why I am really looking forward to 4-H camp. They actually have rules that I can enforce like a dress code [the girls will hate me for this], the swearing rules, booze and smokes rule. I will sooo have fun with this! I want to be a good counselor like Ross. All the stupid guys hated him. I really really hope Arturo works at 4-H camp again because then we get to work together. He was really really really really cool and I haven’t seen him since SpecTra last year.

YESSSS IT UPLOADED! I did have a couple people staring at me. I didn’t yell, I just forget about how loud you dont seem when you are wearing headphones.

I feel like I haven’t been talking about a lot of stuff at all in my blogposts, but I don’t know where to begin. What do you guys want to hear about? Say it and it’s yours…




2 responses

28 09 2010

you’ll have fun enforcing rules, huh? NUH UH

28 09 2010

Yeah HUH! Just be glad you aren’t my little brother.

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