Hey like whoa hey

4 10 2010

Some quick things I wanted to say.

1. I picked up an application to be on the worship team at Calvary Chapel Lubbock.  I will let you guys know how that went.  Josh [the worship leader] was taking to me about it and he asked if I sing.  Yes that is right I am going to sing in the audition.  To me that is a bit scary.  I sing in my car with the radio and that is about it.  We will see how it goes.

2. Last night was my first game of intramural softball.  You have to have five girls and five guys.  Last night we have five guys and four girls.  I played right outfielder [behind first base].  I caught the ball twice and the other times the really fast middle fielder came running over and scooped it up.  I didn’t actually hit the ball far enough to run, I hit it but it was a foul.  but hey it was fun! Especially with the cooooold wind.  But seriously, it was fun.  We did lose but it was fun, seriously.

3. today I was online to renew the one library book I have checked out.  It is due today and it wouldn’t let me renew it because I have $400 in fines.  WHAT? I went and talked to the people and somehow they were charging me for not returning a video camera that I most definitely returned on the 26th.  It doesn’t make any sense because with $20 a day I should only have $160 in fines. They took it off, because I really didn’t owe anything, but that had me worried for a bit. Of course the lady was asking me about the books I had checked out and she asked is this the name ‘Camilla’ [name of the book]. I thought she was asking if it was my name.

4. Our TA is going to start doing something about the goofy group of kids in the back of Style Analysis class that won’t stop talking.  It is very annoying and very distracting.  They will sush them and I don’t think they ever stop talking they just start talking a little bit quieter.  YES! FINALLY!  They used to sush about every ten minutes but now it was every two minutes.

5.  My. CA. Is. AMAZING! So is my roommate!  I’ve been hanging out with my CA [Jackie] and her two choir friends.  They are crazy.  My roommate is just nice, helpful, and dramaless.

6. Does it really matter who likes who? Just shut up about it already.  Thank you. Just because my profile picture is Arwen’s and another male’s is Aragorn doesn’t mean anything is happening.  Just because a guy drives me someplace doesn’t mean anything is happening.  End rant.




4 responses

5 10 2010

haha, crap you remined me i have an over due book :/

and why do you need 10 people? nine makes a team…unless ya’ll are using a DH…

and glad you’re finding cool people to hang out with

5 10 2010

Well that’s what I’m here for. Reminding people to do stuff like their mothers.

Maybe 10 is the max you can have. I’m not really sure. We had nine so obviously we had a team….

Of course it’s sophomores again. Still haven’t really found freshman buddies. Well except for Ellen.

5 10 2010

Oh no! What a fright! I would have been freaking out, as well!

It sounds like you are really enjoying Tech. YAY! And I’m so glad you don’t have the trouble that I do with the people you live with.

I’ll be praying for you and the worship team stuff. (: Sounds like a grand opportunity!

5 10 2010

Because I KNOW I returned that thing! I was imaging calling my parents explaining that fine.

Well it is only one person. We aren’t super close because she isn’t new and looking for friends but she isn’t mean or have a bee on her watch.

I’m anxious. Cuz that whole singing thing. I might get my CA to give me mini singing lessons just to help a little bit. Thank you for your prayers. :)

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