Fall Break

13 10 2010

I got to go home for fall break.  YAY! I love going home.  I actually had a weird dream [I call it a  nightmare jokingly] that involved me being sick of going home and Lauren Kershner falling head over heels for a hot guy and posting mushy gushy stuff on facebook [A very very unLauren thing to do].  That must be pretty bad if I dream about facebook.

Most people say they had a nice relaxing time at home.  I had a nice time at home, but it wasn’t very relaxing.  I didn’t spend much time at all sleeping.  I don’t need much sleep anyway, but this was ridiculous.  I was going to complain, but I really thought about it, and this is my new philosophy.  If I’m on my deathbed, am I going to sit there regretting not sleeping? Not getting that one paper done [well maybe if it fails me out of college]? Probably not.  I was inspired by the song deathbed by Relient K.  Go listen to it right now.

Here is a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xhf-BO_2wGw

Now you have no excuse not to.

I got to stay up really late talking with Allie.  That was cool because I haven’t done that in a very long time.

I got to see my whole family this time! They seemed more excited this time to see me.  It could either be because they were anticipating it, or it has been longer than just two weeks.   I’ll never forget Esther screaming last time when I came.  We watched the Princess Bride one night.  I always forget how amazing that movie is until I watch it again.  We also ate chocolate mousse.  I think next time I should just bring a batch to school.

I got to go over to Aron’s house and he showed me his new fencing gear.  We also killed mosquito larvae.  I learned how one cartwheel can mean leaving your debit card at somebody’s house.

I went to Esperanza’s cafe with Mom and Dad.  They have GOOD tacos!

I got to go to TAFA and I saw Bryttani.  I forgot to say happy late birthday but I didn’t get to see her last time I came home so I made sure I did this weekend.  I remembered to take pictures with her and I got to meet her boyfriend Jesse and see her sister Bryanna.

I went to breakfast at Ihop with Scotty.  We saw of all people a maintenance guy from his work and the Edgemans.  We also can get a free stack of pancakes if we do a survey.  I donated the pancakes to him and I was the one who ended up going to Ihop next.  FAIL

I went up to TCC and got to see Sam and Mary.  Olivia had been hitting me and basically doing her little ‘I want to play with you’ routine so I took her with me.  She got to meet Sam, Mary, and Joey and then she got to see Aron.  I got to show Sam the Office on the piano.  Mary is one of those people that is very amazing and I would get along very well with but our lives never really cross paths enough for me to get to know her better, unfortunately.  While I was I talking to Mary, Aron took Olivia all over the campus.  We also showed her the lake later.  I also think I saw Chris.  If anybody is interested I will retell the tale of meeting him [it is quite funny].

Got to see Jennifer twice! We went to Chili’s with her brother one night and she came to half price with us another night.  Almost talked her into buying an N’SYNC cd.  jk

Spending 12 hours in a car means you really get to know somebody, as I got to know Mackenzie.  She is a senior majoring in psychology.  She is very very awesome also.  We went to Dairy Queen twice.  I am now reminded why I don’t like their food.  I like their ice cream, but their regular food is nasty.

Grandma and Grandpa spent the night in Lubbock last night and this morning we had breakfast at Ihop.  I love my grandparents.

While I was home apparently somebody at church asked Sebastian about me, thinking I was his girlfriend.  For some reason he was surprised.  I knew it would happen eventually and I almost started to get rides from Sierra for that very reason but does it really matter? I doubt I will be lying on my deathbed regretting that.




One response

14 10 2010

I’m so happy you had a good time at home!! Next time, we’ll make a point to meet up and take crazy pictures and nasal appraisals!

I love the whole “Will I regret that when I’m on my deathbed?” thought process. Definitely something I would do.

*shakes head* That is absolutely a nightmare. And if it comes true, I give you permission to slap some sense into me. ;D

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