16 11 2010

Today in class I was one of three goofies who forgot to put my name on my test. Most people shouldn’t recognize me since he read my name out as Amanda Butler. My friends caught it and they jokingly gave me dirty looks. In class today we created and performed skits. Our teacher took quotes off of our test essays and he made us pick one to use in our skit. He picked a quote out of my essay and used it.

“Even technology progresses slowly. A caveman didn’t create the iPod. First there was live music, phonographs, radio, cassette tapes, CD’s, and Walkman players, then iPods came out. All the ideas built on each other to get to iPod and that’s the way it should be. Someone else’s perspective may make all the difference.”

HOLY TAMOLEY! My grammar was terrible. It was an in class essay and I was using pen. That’s all I can say for now. One group picked my quote to use for their skit! That was pretty cool. Our skit was called ‘the notorious bootlegger’. The scene opens with everybody in line in front of a movie theater. They discuss the movie Harry Potter which they are in line for. It seems to take forever and then FINALLY the ticket booth opens. A girl runs up and cuts in line. The other people in line aren’t happy but they let it slide. Then it is revealed that she bought the last ticket. The people are outraged. She quickly calms the crowd by informing them that she is a bootlegger and will sell the movie to them after she films it. Two undercover policemen (me and another girl) step out of line and arrest the girl. The people then realize she has the last remaining ticket and run after the police.

Aural skills sightsinging didn’t go too bad. I got there ten minutes early and mentioned it to the teacher. I think she was going to let me slide and not take the exam. She did save me for last and she assigned me a super easy one and asked me if I was going to sing. I did pretty good, except I forgot to conduct. That is a noob mistake. It was pretty cool because I can sing like a guy now! Or until my voice goes back to normal.




3 responses

16 11 2010

You might be a theatre nerd if you get excited when a friend texts you tell you she wrote/performed a skit in class. (:

19 11 2010

YOU THEATER NERD! What’s the difference between theater and theatre?

24 11 2010

“Theatre” is in reference to the fine arts. “Theater” is a building/structure.

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