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16 11 2010

Our little college group at church has grown to four instead of two. Delilah is from Lubbock Christian University and Andi just got into college. Andi is from Brazil and we help her out with her English sometimes. One day at the after church lunch they had apple pie. Sebastian and Delilah both said they didn’t like apple pie, so Andi told them they were fake Americans. HA! Delilah, Sebastian and I went to On the Border after church last weekend.

I was sick pretty much last week. Actually I started the week off in a really bad mood which was very odd for me. Then I realized I was sick. My voice is still in and out and I am hoping it will be okay tomorrow for my sightsinging quiz in Aural Skills class. Otherwise I might have a sightsqueaking quiz. Katie [Rosebud] and I have started doing homework together for Aural Skills. Kyle joined us this time and that was VERY helpful. Now I just need to make them stay together until Aural skills is over so we can do the homework because Kyle is very smart. Katie said “I like my part of the homework because I don’t do anything.” I said, “That’s because I want our homework to be right.” It took her a minute to get it.

Tonight the Lady Raiders basketball team played Samford [don’t know what college that is] and we won. I have black paint under my eyes because it was blackout/camo because of the military. I don’t own camo so black it was for me. I admit half the reason my voice will most certainly be shot tomorrow is because I screamed at the basketball game.

I’ve been to Starbucks TWICE since Friday. On Friday Eren and I went. He paid for his coffee and my hot chocolate but I managed to pay him back. Basically after he paid I said ‘here’ and basically shoved the money into his hands. When he realized what he was holding he said ‘What? How did you even get that into my hand?’ I just put my hands in my pockets and refused to take it so he pocketed it. I technically gave him 60 cents too much and now he has to ‘pay me back’. Muahahaha NOT going to happen. *remembers money wars with Aron* If you ask you can have that story. The second I went to Starbucks was with Jessica. She needed a break from studying so we went to Starbucks. I tried the Caramel Apple Spice and it was yucky. At least in my opinion. We went shopping at a couple of Tech apparel stores and we went inside an anime store. It was very weird because of the provocative posters of animated girls? I recognized a lot of the manga from my library job days. Then we went to the library and I helped her find books. I had no idea how unsaavy people are about the library. They plain just don’t know how to use it. I found a few books also.

I may or may not be slightly homesick… or at least counting down the days until I can go home. I got THIS close to getting a ride home. :/ My mom keeps reminding me how far away it is. I know she means well.




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16 11 2010

I can’t wait for you to be home, Camie Mamie! <3 I'm praying you have a better week this week.

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