Thanksgiving and other ridiculous nonsense

3 12 2010

Thanksgiving break was epic and relaxing. So far when I go home for break, I stay up all night talking to Allie and then get up early the next morning. This time I actually slept!

Who did I get to see that made my weekend? My awesome family, Aron, Lauren, Jennifer, Ryland, Sam, Deborah, Margaret, Autumn and I got to meet Ryan.
Deborah, Margaret, Allie and I attacked muffins at Mimi’s cafe. Margaret gave me nifty hobo gloves with piano keys on them. Autumn gave me the scarf she knitted for me. Ryland, Jennifer, Scotty, Ryan and I attacked pancakes at Ihop. Sam, Lizzie, Allie and I attacked deals at Half Price books. It just was a great weekend.

Finals are coming up and everybody is freaking out. I think if we all took a chill pill it would work out better for us all. Honestly I believe that you should study your hardest and then take the test to the best of your knowledge and not freak out, ever. Going back to my deathbed analogy, is this final REALLY going to matter when you are lying on your deathbed? I didn’t think so.

There are five piano recitals this weekend. Why everybody decided to wait until last minute is beyond me. I want to go to all of them but I’ll probably end up going to two or three.

Tonight was the end of the semester Christmas party for intervarsity christian fellowship [yes it bugs me when they call it IVCF]. It was a fantastic reminder of why I love these guys so much. I haven’t gotten the chance to see Mackenzie in a while and it was a sweet reminder of how awesome she is. She said she would come meet Alex (if you don’t know who Alex is than ask. Hint: he’s not a mystical guy I am crushing on.) which is awesome since I had never actually gotten the guts to ask anybody to. She offered and I didn’t ask. I was telling her about Eren and Alex. The ridiculous part of my title is a tribute to her because ridiculous is the word she says all the time.

I need a talent to write about for the 30 day challenge. Something besides being awesome. I know if I don’t say that than either Sam or Lauren will suggest it. I was hoping to go with something besides my major also.




4 responses

3 12 2010

I challenge you to write about something you observe. Everyday. Something different. Something that strikes a chord with you, or fascinates you, or just boggles your mind, or even….freaks your freak. That’s my challenge. ORRRRR recount funny/weird/scary/whatever stories from the past. There’s some ideas, you can text me if you want more. (:

I love you and am SOOOO glad I got to attack you and your family’s Thanksgiving evening (:

7 12 2010

I need a talent!! I can write something everyday and I think I shall. you dont want stories of the past :P

I’m SOOOO glad you got to attack me and my family’s Thanksgiving evening. (:

4 12 2010

Write about life about fun about family write about your big toe just make it worthwhile…

aaaannnndddd isn’t this 30 day thing taking a whole year?

7 12 2010

I need a talent for the 30 day thing that yes is taking me a year.

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