Parents… grrrr

7 12 2010

So I’ve got a bunch of new parents.

Sue is my father [don’t even ask].  I’m pretty sure I don’t have a mother in that combo.

Mackenzie is my Lubbock mother and she is married to Josh (Richards) who is my stepdad.  I go back and forth between them when it’s convenient picking different favorite parents everytime.  I’m pretty sure Philip is my real father but I haven’t asked my mother Mackenzie if that is true or not.  Anyway so that makes Sebastian my half brother, and I do everything I can to bug him as every good half-sister should.

I’ve got a little nephew named Brenden who keeps begging for a WII or a Lamborgini for Christmas because he’s been good! He also wants me to write a letter to Santa in Elvish because I am the best aunt every who can do ANYTHING.

Then back at home I’m pretty sure Jennifer and Sam are my mom and dad but if they aren’t than they are just my older brother and sister who has stepped up as the parents in the family and scream at me when I even touch guys [not really screaming btw for anybody who was about to call the police for domestic abuse].

Who am I touching [that sounds a lot dirtier than I meant it to] and they freaking out about??  So far it’s just Philip [that I’ve told them].  I was telling them that he is the guy who taught me the correct technique for texting in the shower and somehow it came about that he creeps me while I’m in the shower so now he is ‘the creepy shower guy’ that they have to meet.  HA! He’s not creepy… although he does make plans to peer in Cesar’s window.  They asked who the guy in his facebook profile picture was and when I explained it was the guy who got busted for drugs the other day Sam started off with ‘grounding’ me for ‘hanging with potheads’.

The rules [according to Sam and Jennifer]

1. No touching guys

2. You can only hug Europeans or Brazileans

3. You can hug them only if you want to

4. You can hug Josh, Ryland and Sam.

At the Intervarsity Christmas party Jennifer warned me ‘no alcoholic drinks and no boys’.  Of course I had to text her and say BOYS! NOMNOMNOM.  She proceeded to warn me no flirting.  I said BOYS! NOMNOMFLIRTFLIRT.  She then compromised with no touching boys.  That’s where all of that started.  I am pretty sure I did not touch any guys at the party except for the obvious ‘crowded house trying to get through the crowd’ touching.

While we are on the subject I might as well get it out on the table.  I’m not really a hugger unless you are one of those really really really special people to me.  I don’t feel that I must hug every person I know.  If you ask for a hug I can’t say no, I will hug you and I do appreciate when you mention it first instead of just going for it cuz that is just kinda creepy. *coughAlexcough*

Tonight is a lady raiders BASKETBALL GAME! YAY! Hopefully Mary and Rachel can come.  I love those two people.  Rachel is my ‘girlfri’… ohwait I mean ‘fiance’ and Mary is her friend.  They are just really really cool.  I wish I could spend a whole bunch of time talking about them but they are that special kind of cool that you smile when you think about them but there is no way of explaining it. Mary for some reason trusts me to drive her car and I have twice.  The other night Rachel and I took it and drove to Taco Bell for food.  I ended up parking on the opposite side of the dorm that Mary usually does and Rachel told me she would explain it to Mary.  The next morning I got a text from Mary saying ‘Where is my car?’  THANKS RACHEL.

I love my friends.  Even the social awkward engineering ones named Eren, or the Antoine Dodson loving music majors named Katie, or even the loudmouth business majors named Sebastian.




6 responses

7 12 2010
Your loving mother, Jennifer

I need to have a talk with your father about numbers 2 and 3. He never discussed that with me…

10 12 2010

Maybe his vote is law!

8 12 2010

no i said you could hug euros and brazileans *goodbye* if you wanted to…

10 12 2010

YOU SAID I COULD HUG THEM HI! Then you said I could hug them goodbye too!

8 12 2010

Oh my goodness i love this!!!! I have the most hilarious, adorable, crazy niece Camie, ever!

And I love the “Where’s my Car?!” text…priceless!

10 12 2010

I have the best aunt who skypes and needs to Just Say Yes mo… I mean not Just Say Yes because I say it 24/7.

It was so funny!

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