I need a title for this…

7 01 2011

Why is Sam such a popular name for businesses?

-Sam’s place [convience type stores at Tech]
-Sam’s [the Walmart warehouse dealie]
-Fantastic Sam’s [hair salon]
-Sam Moon [huge accessory store]

It’s just something I have noticed. I do have a problem with place number one I listed, places number two and four are cool and I have no opinion on place number three.

I love me some skype buddy time, so yesterday Sam, Jennifer, Allie and I scoured Half Price finding all the great deals. Then we attacked burritos at Freebirds which are awesome as always and leave my stomach feeling nice and loved. I left my rings there on the table… GRR! I wouldn’t care so much usually because it is just stuff, but the two people who gave them to me are very very near and very very dear to me. I’d go on and on about them but I don’t think either of them will read this so it would be a little pointless. If you want me to write about them in another post speak now or forever hold thy peace!

Tuesday night Micah and I went swing dancing with Will. That was pretty awesome. I forgot how much I do love to dance. I also kind of realized how a lot of it is not set in stone and you do make up stuff. Or just go with what your partner is doing. To me the fun of it is dancing with different people and seeing their different styles and cues. This one guy was all about the turning and a couple times I was worried I was going to fall over from dizziness. Micah and I learned the Balboa. At one point the instructor instructed us ladies to be looking over our male partner’s shoulder. At that point, I was dancing with a guy so tall that the top of my head barely reached his shoulder. Hehe! Next time I am home on a Tuesday night I will drag Allie and Aron out to dance.

Will asked me yesterday what book in the Bible is a good one to start on. After consulting Jennifer, Allie and Sam, I told him John. Mom recommended Romans when I told her later. I figure starting in John will get him to Romans soon enough. Honestly, the fact that he asked me that question is just so cool to me. I know I am not the best about being a Christian witness to people so the fact that he asked me…. wow. I had the same feeling as when Rachel asked me to pray with her. The fact that Rachel felt comfortable enough asking me to pray with her is…. wow. I am so glad that God can use me for his purposes, cuz really him picking me probably wasn’t the best choice.

My New Year’s was spent in Missouri. We were there in weekend. PROOF that I am officially used to the cold. Thank you dear Lubbock for that. I didn’t have anybody there to kiss because Allie fell asleep early. Jerk! Meaniehead! Schmuck! I guess I could have kissed my grandfather. AHEM either way, I really enjoyed myself in Missouri. Me going off to college for a semester has taught me how to appreciate family. I used to kind of dread holidays because it meant I got to see my extended family most of them who really could care less if I was there or not. Then I’ve noticed my selfish attitude because I haven’t really cared about their lives either. I could totally ask them about theirs and listen. I did better this time. Mom’s parents are the kind to me that I have to spend a whole weekend with them to really feel that I had a good visit. While up in Missouri we watched the movie How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days. That was a hilarious movie and a reminder of why I don’t exactly care for boy crazy girls. We also watched Avalon High and there were so many things wrong with that movie. Girl. Power. Movies. Fail.

Here are three current favorite songs.
Paper Tongues – Ride to California
Manic Drive – Music
The Afters – Light Up the Sky.

I converted Jennifer to 89.7! I tried my best to convert Sebastian when he came up to DFW but he was attracted by 94.9’s sweet siren songs. I know if he lived here he would have the same dislike for that station.

The next 30 day challenge thing asks about your deepest fear. Hmmm. These last ones are getting harder and I’m considering quitting.




2 responses

7 01 2011

Don’t be a quitter!!!!!!

21 01 2011

you WILL finish the 30 day challenge

and God never picks the wrong person for the task. don’t believe me look a Moses he gave God every logical reason why he was the wrong person to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, but He obeyed and led them out in a spectacular way

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