End of a season… for me at least

9 01 2011

Tomorrow we are supposed to go back to Lubbock. Mackenzie, Jessica and I. I’m thinking of requesting the front seat, for at least part of the trip, or asking if I can drive. Mackenzie might let me do that, or I might just sleep in the backseat again. I was worried our trip might be postponed because of the snow but the snow is not sticking. WIN! That doesn’t mean that it won’t snow more later. This past week has been pretty incredible but kinda sad at the same time. It’s felt like that last week before I left for college.

I think I forgot to mention Wednesday night in my last post. Allie had a meeting downtown at Barnes and Noble so Deborah came for that and we chilled for a bit. They built a new club called LoneStar where City Streets used to be. Deborah asked me if I wanted to try and get into it. I said yes because Deborah is somebody I know that wouldn’t do anything terribly bad and actually has morals so I feel like I can trust her as far as doing stuff like that. It is a 21 and older club so he turned us away, but he had approved Deborah’s for some reason. It was mine that made him stop and think about. Now it really makes me feel like I look twelve. HA! Then Sarah and her friends were downtown so Deborah got to meet her, and I got to meet all of Sarah’s friends. I see them around facebook commenting on her stuff but I have never actually met them. They. Are. A. Hoot. Colton most of all. I really liked him. Not that kind of like, just…. as a person.

Friday I drove down to Lauren’s apartment and spent the night. We watched movies, played pool, ate freebirds, devoured chocolate, and laughed at a guy on Youtube. If I find him I may share him with you. It was also one of those times that are hard to describe, but it was totally amazing also. I took my huge bag of Skittles that Deborah gave me and we made it through a quarter of the bag. Also a lipstick smilie showed up on Mom’s car. I’m pretty sure it happened at some point that night. I do need to go clean it off for her.

Last night was full of everything and incredible at the same time. Jessica wanted to do something with Aron, he was off on Saturday, and Jennifer had the birthday bowling thing going that night so I combined it all. I stayed out til 1:30am and it involved bowling, Ihop, 3D movies, poking, lots of pictures, and pizza. It was incredible but I don’t think writing about it will do it justice. I was going to and I really want to but there is no way I can convey the awesomeness of the night to you.

Unfortunately two people that I still haven’t seen or taken the time to see is Kate and Emily. It’s not that I don’t want to see them, but I just haven’t taken the time for them. I love them both to death. I swear that on Spring Break or something I will make it a point to try and see both of them, or something… I don’t know. It’s a pretty cruddy friend thing to do.

Good songs
Adam Lambert – Whaddya Want From Me
The Classic Crime – Perfect Song
MercyMe – When I First Spoke Your Name




3 responses

10 01 2011

Whaddya Want From me :D Love it!

Which youtube video are you think of? The “christian girlfriend” one or the “fountain prank” one?
I’m so glad you came up here! It literally made me happy beyond words. It just like you said, it’s hard to describe.
P.s. I told you not to fall in love with me.

12 01 2011

The christian girlfriend dude!

13 01 2011

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