Grace and donating blood…

21 01 2011

I. Donated. Blood. That may not sound like a big deal to you but for me, it was huge. I am super squeamish and I am slowly working to overcome it. This is a step in the process. It did take me a whole hour to do it because for 45 minutes I was too lightheaded to leave.

I just read this awesome book called ‘Unchristian’ by Gabe Lyons. The title makes it sound like an atheist book but it surveyed non-Christians and kind of pinpointed areas that Christians fail at in general. One of those points is judging people. That one REALLY hit home for me. I am probably the worst. It usually doesn’t come across in my speech but you were inside my head…

My goals this year are to study grace, and start praying with people instead of just listening to their problems. Also to stop judging people, especially if it is over stuff that just doesn’t line up with what I think is ‘the right way to go’.




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22 01 2011

Good job on donating blood! I wish I could, but unfortunately I can’t because I lived in Germany and they believe I could have Mad-cow disease.
I dunno what they’re MOOOOOO MOO MOOOOing about….

As for the judgment thing, we are all in fault. All we can do is as for wisdom from our Lord to know how to go about these situations and pray for those that we believe are on the wrong path. In the end, God is the only one who can judge us.

Love ya tons Toothpic ^_^

23 01 2011


I know we are all in fault… but now that I’ve read that I know better and I know to take the high road… and i feel terrible for judging. It was a really good book honestly and I’m very glad for the person giving it to me. It’s making me hold myself to a higher standard

I love you tons too Jester!

23 01 2011

I’m glad you had a good experience donating! Very opposite from me. But maybe someday, I can attempt again.

I’m so proud of you! I’ve loved watching you grow in your relationship with the Lord. Reading this makes me smile and reminds me of times past with discussions of Bible reading being a chore and speaking about your faith. You are a constant reminder to me that people really do pay attention to how we as Christians live…I’ve definitely noticed changes in you. I love you, Camie!

23 01 2011

wait… you’ve had bad experiences donating?

If that just isn’t a huge piece of chocolate cake for a Words person than I don’t know what is….

23 01 2011

Yes, I have… didn’t I tell you about them messing up my veins?

Ohh chocolate cake sounds really yummy right now…

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