Mi Cumpleanos!

27 01 2011

Ha ya, so it started off by Chad calling me at precisely midnight. That freaked me out just for a second because I was not expecting that.  I don’t REALLY talk to him but it wasn’t too awkward.  It was part of a bettish thing where I told him that he would probably forget about my birthday and he said he definitely wouldn’t. Obviously he was right. Aron texted me twice… my mother stepped up to the Words of Encouragement plate and posted on my wall, texted me, emailed me and about any other form of media you can think of. Lauren followed in the same pattern.

Rachel is a total jerk… meaniehead… schmuck [and only Rachel and Philip would get why those aren’t completely mean names]. We made a video to put on my wall and she said ‘fuc happy birthday k’ in the caption for it. Goodness what am I going to do with her.

Sebastian and them had planned a big ‘trash Camie’s room’ fiasco which thankfully they did not trash my room in the way they originally planned [original plans included silly string and confetti all over my bed].  Anyway Rachel went in the afternoon and asked my roommate if she was okay with it.  What Rachel told me is that ‘I was in your room today’.  I absolutely flipped out because at midnight on my birthday Philip, Whitney and Jessica went to my room and banged on the door.  I was not in it and my roommate wasn’t too happy, especially since she wasn’t in that good of a mood. I was worried about them bugging her too much.  Rachel claimed my roommate loved her but I was still freaking out. I skipped church last night and Andi texted me saying ‘Sebastian said he’s going to trash your room’ and I wasn’t worried until Rachel told me ‘Sebastian is in your room’.  I did flip out cuz I believed her.  I was worried he was seriously trashing it and Rachel also said he threw my bras all over the floor. We were with Mary and Philip, so we all went up to my room where Sebastian, Whitney, Jessica, Norma, and Mackenzie were waiting.  They had put streamers all over my ceiling, kisses all over my bed and balloons were everywhere.  Anyway the reason Rachel was in my room was to ask my roommate if they could do it that night so she was totally cool with it.

Basically I was freaking out about nothing.  I really really do appreciate all of them and it felt like a hit and run.  Part of me wants to say I HATE SURPRISES then I see all the hard work they put into it, as far as keeping it a secret and all the other things and then I realize that I just need to let go of somethings.  I pride myself on knowing everything or finding out everything but sometimes it’s better not to know or figure it out.  It’s okay to have a few mysteries in life that you can’t figure out or that surprise you.

I really am blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people.  I wish I could tell them all exactly how much they mean to me.  There are a few guys that I need to tell but I’m worried about coming across as ‘i-like-you’.  There are also a few girls that I need to tell.  But I need to say it in just the right way that doesn’t seem like I say it to everybody. That is something I’m going to try and do this year.

One of the best parts was when Sebastian gave me a Star Wars card.  He had remembered me as not liking Star Wars because I was going to give Katie a Star Wars CD for her dislike of Star Wars.  SEBASTIAN FAIL! Then he said he was going to go with a Jonas Brothers card because he thought I hated them.  DOUBLE SEBASTIAN FAIL! It’s like he doesn’t know me at all.  I try my best to hint that I hate country music, cowboys, the Dallas cowboys, sweet tea, twizzlers… It’s like missing both of your free throws.

Alas I ‘had physical contact with boys’ last night.  Hehe, and my mom pointed out how I had ‘boys in my room’.  I love those jokes!

This is totally what my side of the room looked after they left.  Note the lipstick on the mirror.




11 responses

28 01 2011

Toldja I had a good birthday memory. :)

28 01 2011

By the way, I totally have my birthday marked every year on my phone calendar as ¡Mí cumpleaño!

1 02 2011

That’s cool! Oh wait… you have your birthday on your phone?? :P
You do have a good birthday memory

28 01 2011

It’s nice to see you had a good birthday. :) It’s cool what they did, you should be VERY thankful for friends who would trash your room for you. lol.
I wish I could have been there! I love and miss ya tons toothpic!

oh and…

1 02 2011

I bet you wished your friends would trash your room :P That’s the thing about super secure rooms now, you can’t get in them. Thank goodness for roommates.
I wish you would have been here so you can meet everybody. If you ever have a chance to come up for the weekend let me know, cuz you could just crash in my room for the weekend. I KNOW YOU HAVE A CAR :P but I also understand that not everything is possible.

I love how you want to discuss this here. if you really wanna know than text me

28 01 2011

Hahaha Sounds like some people in Lubbock really care about you, Cams. (: I would add more, but we’ve already discussed certain things. So my comment is short and too the point…for once :P

1 02 2011

It’s the Christian group I joined. A lot of them are pretty cool and I’ve found several Diamonds in the bunch!
It is rather short….. are you sure this is Lauren? :P

29 01 2011

don’t forget your sister coordinated everyone back home to spam your wall with happy birthday wishes…:P

1 02 2011

I actually didn’t know that she did that! I just noticed a lot of people posted on my wall. She is so sweet :)

9 02 2011

lol you didn’t think it was odd? if it wasn’t fr her i would have forgotten it was your real birthday!

9 02 2011

I just had figured some people had seen my wall or something. Honestly it should have occurred to me

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