9 02 2011

I haven’t blogged at all in February. Someone complained so I am amending that. We have had four days now of delayed classes. That doesn’t mean we missed a ton of school, but the 9:00 Theory class and 8:30 Aural Skills have suffered from it. I really like Theory class but Aural skills I do not miss at all. I see the application but I’m not a huge fan of the class. My theory teacher, Dr. Berry, is hilarious.
“those who put in an honest effort on this homework got an A. Those who drew Dr. Berry with devil horns, not so much.”
“i am going to show you how you write 3rd species counterpoint that way if a police officer ever pulls you over and says I won’t give you a ticket if you write me a nice 3rd species counterpoint, you can get out of that ticket.”

Valentine’s day is almost here. I’m seeing the ‘oh I can’t wait to be with my bf’ and the ‘I hate valentine’s day’ and the ‘it is single awareness day’ people. It get’s slightly annoying after a while. I like Rachel’s attitude toward it. She is single but instead of whining, she sent cards to everybody in her family. I bought ‘candygrams’ for Rachel, Norma, Jessica, and Kate. I would have bought ones for Jackie, Katie and Whitney but they have boyfriends, and Mackenzie lives off campus. RHA is selling the candygrams and the proceeds are going to the ‘giving kids hope’ charity. I think they all are fantastic girls. I really really look up to Mackenzie and Jackie and I’m watching the other girls grow. One in a not so good way, but still I’m watching them grow and develop and it is so cool.

Intervarsity did a World Hunger banquet to put in perspective world hunger and how different parts of the countries have more or less to eat. I got to be at the rich snooty i am better than these people table. They threw out our extra food to show how much food is wasted… It was quite eyeopening especially when people from other tables came and begged for food and we were instructed to turn them away.

I made a new friend in my classes. She is in my child psychology class and my public speaking class. She also works at the dining hall I eat at. Her name is Cynthia and she is really sweet. We are using each other to listen to each other’s speeches. I gave my speech today and hers is on friday. I talked about my family (what else :P). I basically just told a bunch of stories about my family. I was supposed to go next to last but the two people before me and the person after me didn’t show up. I went last and that meant the evaluation sheets were on top of the stack and I got to read them!

I’ve gotten the are you and Eren dating/talking twice now. Not that I am that surprised. He said something about how people probably think we are dating but I don’t really care. We eat in the same dining hall and most people don’t stay the whole time like he does, they just come and go and that is where they get that assumption.

I am fishsitting for my CA Jackie! She is leaving for TMEA this weekend so the fish is living in my room and I get to feed it and everything! I hope it doesn’t die or I might have to sprinkle magic doritos on it.

The Lubbers had a Superbowl party. I went because Jessica begged me to. I was rooting for the Packers specifically because Sebastian was rooting for the Steelers and it also helped that Sara was going for the Packers also. Everytime a Glee commercial came on I screamed loudly much to everybody’s chagrin. I also sang along to any and every song that came on and I knew just to be annoying. I wasn’t paying close attention to the game but I liked asking ‘Who is winning?’ just for the Steelers fans since they never were in the lead.




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9 02 2011

Surely you are not talking about me complaining. ;)

They are doing balloon-o-grams here at City Parc. But your special person has to live here. Kerr Hall, on campus, is doing Val-o-grams, but they are also just for people who live in Kerr. I know 2 people who live in Kerr, but I don’t know their room numbers. And I don’t know anybody too well who lives here at CP. Maybe I’ll send flowers to my Mom, instead.

The world hunger banquet sounds really cool!!!!

23 02 2011

oh yes i meant you ;)

awwww those are so cute! send it to a guy :P

it was super cool

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