Stalking… er I guess

18 02 2011

I found my theory teacher’s blog.  I feel like such a stalker.  To be fair I was googling the location of the theory conference thing he recommended going to and it popped up. I’m definitely subscribing.  I love music theory for some reason.  I don’t understand why, but it is just so interesting.  Most people hate it completely but I love it.  It probably helps that I have had fantastic teachers but I love love it.

Kevin.  Apparently he gets ‘Kevin’s a girl??’ a lot [Up reference]. Kevin is a dude from Intervarsity.  I told him I liked his T-shirt because he was wearing a ‘The Wedding – The Sound and the Steel’ shirt.  For those of you that don’t know that is an awesome band.  The Wedding is the band.  The Sound and the Steel is the name of one of their EPs. I haven’t seen V for Vendetta and apparently I HAVE to see that.  Also we both need to catch up on the Office.  Which is okay but I’m already over analyzing it and worrying about having to field HEY LETS WATCH IT IN MY ROOM things.  Now I feel dumb for saying all that.  Anyway whatevs.

Apparently Sebastian and Mackenzie were talking and Sebastian said that they need to ‘girl me up’.  Um wow, and thanks for telling me.  I don’t necessarily dress that ‘girly’ on purpose. I know how to do it if I want to but most of the time I just don’t want to since the main reason girls dress up like that is to impress guys, or I find it that way.  Also I had a makeup encounter at camp that involved a fourteen year old girl saying ‘I look so ugly in the morning before I put makeup on’.  I guess I just wanted to prove to the world that you don’t have to wear makeup to be pretty, but it looks like I was actually giving the illusion that I don’t know about any of that stuff.  The few mornings that I do put on makeup I’m always thinking about how it’s rather dumb to be putting that much emphasis on your outward appearance since it’s the inside that counts. Another side of the coin is that Eren, Philip, and Jackie have all said nice positive things about it when I am wearing makeup. Eren and Philip it was more of a ‘yes I was right when I made that assumption’ and with Jackie… Well it usually is something like ‘Are you wearing makeup?’ ‘Yes’ ‘Girl gush’.  Mackenzie is just encouraging it over all, and my mom has always pushed it because it adds a little sparkle.  Aron always would beg me not to because he ‘didn’t want me to feel that I wasn’t pretty without it’. Beyond that no one seems to have an opinion. Mackenzie also has thrown clothes at me twice saying ‘these are girl clothes I expect you to wear them’.  I really don’t mind because it is Mackenzie, but her idea of girl clothes are tighter clothes.  Not like immodest clothes but just tighter clothes than I am used to… Ya, I know I am overthinking this, but I’ll just stumble my way into finding a solution eventually. Hehe.

EDIT: I also remembered the whole issue of shaving….  yes again pushed by my mom and all girls I talk to think it’s gross not to………… yeah




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21 02 2011

I feel the same way about the whole make-up thing. I remember my mom’s boyfriend (ex now) would tell her she looked great with it, and I would fuss at her and tell her she looks beautiful natural. People should love us regardless of how we look. We should not be judge by our looks, but by who we are inside. Don’t let people pressure you. You do what you feel is best.
Love ya camster

23 02 2011

Thank you JennJenn :)

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