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3 03 2011
I ended up giving a speech about canons and fugues instead of the Office. It was too short but I’m happy with it because I didn’t go over the audiences heads. I’m sure half of you guys are scratching your heads wondering what canons and fugues are.
Canon – song that repeats the melody. It plays the same melody at the same pitch and does not variate it.
Fugue – song that repeats the melody in different parts. First the melody plays [subject] then the melody starts again but it starts a fifth or a fourth above or below the starting pitch
then the originally melody plays again [subject] etc…

Things I have been learning…

1. Trust God with everything
We talked about this in church. We like to throw it around but how many times do we actually end up worrying about what it is we are ‘trusting God with’. I know that I am completely guilty of that. For now I’m praying over whatever problems and then handing them to God for him to worry about. I feel so much lighter and less burdened because of it. I’ll talk more about some of those ‘problems’ I’ve been having in a bit.
2. Don’t worry about the future because God has a perfect plan
The story behind this…. FLASHBACK three weeks ago: the scene is midnight worship. The band is in the middle of a song. I feel a hand on my shoulder and when I open my eyes the guy says ‘Hey God told me to tell you to not worry about the future because he has a perfect plan for you’. I said ‘thank you’ and shrugged off the comment. Forward two weeks, and I had just had the CA job fall through and the summer job. I had had the perfect plan all lined up and now it wasn’t. I was thinking to myself, now what? What should I do now? and I was needlessly worrying. That’s when I remembered the guy’s words to me. God works with perfect timing. Always.
3. You need a community of people to build you up and show you things
I read somewhere ‘don’t be a lone ranger Christian’. Sometimes I think that to myself. I don’t like sharing my struggles with people partly cuz it just seems like there are bigger problems out there and plus I don’t want to add to their worries. Intervarsity has small group bible studies once a week. The freshman girl’s one meets Wednesday nights. I already had committed that night to going to church so I never actually went to one and I had a few other excuses in my bag. Then I got a message and a text from Kim [one of the leaders] about last nights. That was odd because I usually don’t get those. I figured oh what the hey why not and I went last night and all I can say is that I am very sorry I never went earlier. It was so refreshing just to be there for a nice girl’s night and it’s all the girl’s from Intervarsity that I love.

Pretty much…

Friend A has called me his girlfriend’s name twice…… which seems kind of weird

Friend B is struggling with roommate issues, depression, the whole nine yards…. :/

Sebastian just got a girlfriend so the gossip mills are going to start up and I’ve already got one person asking me about it. GRRR! It happened the same way when Philip got a girlfriend “because we figured you would know”…Yeah if you couldn’t already tell I don’t like discussing people and their love lives, especially my own, hehe. Mainly because it is usually gossip.





Oh it’s soooooooooooo dramatic




2 responses

4 03 2011

Yay for blog posts!!!

I’m so glad God is teaching us both about worry… it definitely reinforces the matter. (:

And I miss you and I greatly treasured our time on skype today. <3

5 03 2011

Thank you Lauren :)

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