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28 04 2011

I’m sorry for no updating recently. I’ve been busy but not in an exciting “let-me-tell-you-about-it” way. It’s more of a “let’s-get-the-semester-over-and-away-from-these-people” way. I’m not usually one to complain and I hope I show that but… I need my amazing people. The few that are back at home. I met a couple here, Mackenzie, Jackie and Philip. Right now Philip left, Mackenzie is kinda busy, and I’m just Jackie’s resident. So yeah, I have met other people who are really cool but these three people I mentioned, I can feel completely myself around and I really really look up to them for different reasons. Like I feel COMPLETELY comfortable around them being myself. There are other amazing people but they don’t quite measure up to these three people… I feel bad that I can pick ‘favorites’ like this. I really try not to cuz it’s kind of rude to everybody else. I’m just overanalyzing again.

I feel like I’m losing people. I feel like I’m losing my family because they are all growing up with out me. I feel like I’m losing friends back at home. I feel like I’m losing Aron. I feel like I’m growing out of everything like that. I want to go home, and I did a lot last semester, but it just kinda feels weird now. But this isn’t home. I know I talk and complain about this a lot but it keeps coming up and bothering me.

So are a few other issues but the world wide interwebz isn’t the place to publish all that. I’ve been feeling weird and moody all the time. Crying and sad one minute and the next minute bouncing along.

On a positive note, I wrote a song for Theory class! I am super pumped about that. Finals are almost here, and technically I have seven, which really isn’t scaring me at all for some weird reason. Probably because I am seeing all of my songs coming together in this really cool way. I’m not practicing a ton because I’ve already got the technical stuff down. I’m super happy because I have yet to incur the wrath of my teacher [which I have heard is brutal].

Most of my teachers also know me by name which is AWESOME. It makes me feel good inside! :) I played a song for concert band. Well I accompanied them. It was hard because I’m not used to playing with such a huge ensemble but I didn’t totally crash and burn which makes me happy.

I gave my persuasive speech which I had totally forgotten about. Basically I had the big ten page research paper due the day I had signed up to give my speech. So the night before I was freaking out. I slept for four hours and wrote my speech and the paper and I think both went super super well! I’m waiting for results on them but I’m pleased with my progress.

Intervarsity selected me for small group leadership and paired me with Dusty. He’s a really cool dude, although I am not super close to him. I am going to try and get closer to him before summer starts just so it’s not awkward trying to lead a small group next year. We’ve been texting so I think that’s helping. I’m really excited about leading one. But at the same time things are changing…

I’m not trying to be sad about change, but thinking about it makes me want to cry. I know that sounds dumb… but still.

Oh and watch out for a special ‘end of the year’ survey!

Cool music
Tinie Tempah – Written In The Stars
The Rocket Summer – So Much Love
Christina Perri – Jar Of Hearts




2 responses

29 04 2011
JN Hong

Haha, Tinie Tempah, honing in on that British rap! I didn’t think you were the type to listen to that stuff. You should give a listen to “Pass Out”, it’s got a fantastic backing track, which I listen to often, moreso than the song with rapping. =)

Thanks for the update, glad to hear your semester is going well. I don’t really have a comment, I often don’t have a comment anyway, it was just the Tinie Tempah that caught my attention, most Americans don’t listen to that stuff!

2 06 2011

I know! most Americans don’t, but they play this song on the radio all the time. My sister heard it and shared it with me. I’m trying to break out of just listening to American music

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