Summer woo

25 05 2011

I’m ready to start my job TBH! I mean the training and all is fantastic but I’m ready to get my hands dirty in work. I’m also trying really hard not to be really anti social and actually try and get to know the other counselors. I’m bad at that sometimes and this is no exception. Right now you’ve got the old counselors who all know each other then you have the new counselors and I’m not sure how to fit into that. I know if I run into anybody who loudly proclaims they don’t care about the kids who come for camp than I might just get super mad. but we will see.

The athletic director at Hardin Simmons University is here. I recognize him from a couple years ago when we went and toured Hardin Simmons as part of the Fitness Health and Recreation project group. Also today Todd Williams is speaking to us today. I have very fond memories of both guys.

I’m learning more about policies and things to look out for to keep kids safe. They drilled ‘in loco parentis’ into our brains. That is a Latin term meaning in place of the parent. Basically the parents are dropping off their kids and entrusting us in their care as their parents. I’m really excited!

Rec Week was last week. That was a retreat with Intervarsity and it was incredible. The little small group I was with were incredible people.
Hannah was so excited about everything and so sweet.
Christine would speak up with these wise sayings every so often.
Lucero always gave us a new perspective on things, and we were Bible study leader partners.
Drew was quiet but he was funny but weird in a very good way.
Daniel was older but funny and very nice.
Sheiren was always excited and she kept us stable pretty much.
Marshall… well ohh Marshall. He was definitely a dork but he always had these fantastic ideas or insights.
Jon was our leader and he was just incredible. One day when we were eating lunch with Hannah and all her friends, one of her friends asked if we were married. LOL

What did I learn about myself? That I like having a little winddown pre-bed time. That I have mad French braiding and toilet plunging skills that I can use for the good of others. But seriously…

A couple people have been getting on my nerves. They were there at Rec Week. Gideon the nightly speaker told us that our the boundaries of our grace extend as far as the people we can forgive. “Is there someone here you can’t forgive? If so than your grace can’t extend beyond the boundaries of this room.” That really convicted me. With one I’ve been revolutionized to realize that she really looks up to me so I’m embracing that fact. With the other I’m seeing him as someone who isn’t perfect and he is working on things and I’m not the only one who is bugged.

I think that’s it for now…. I’ll keep y’all updated. Let me know what or if you want more to read and I’ll do my best to deliver.




2 responses

30 05 2011

I want to see these mad toilet plunging skills in action!! ;D

2 06 2011

Oh really? I think you have… and if not just call me when you need a toilet plunged and I’ll come to your rescue :P

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