something to chew on…

2 06 2011

“Sometimes the best kind of friend isn’t the one who sits there and listens to your problems; it’s the one that makes you forget about them.

Sometimes the best kind of friend is the one where you want to let loose and laugh about anything and everything.

Thank you.

Not because I told you all my problems. But because you made me laugh again.”

I saw that on It inspired me because sometimes I’m not that friend who listens to your problems and helps you through them. I used to feel bad about it like I wasn’t there for them or something but now I can see that sometimes you aren’t always the friend who listens and you are the friend who made them laugh again.

“Humility’s closest attribute is honesty. Humility doesn’t require us to be self-deprecating. Humility is not about having a low self-image or poor self esteem. Humility is about self awareness. It is important to be self-aware in relationship to our gifts, talents, skills, and intellect, but in regard to our spiritual health, it is far more essential that we are self-aware in the arena of personal character. If you see yourself for who you are and embrace it honestly, humility is the natural result. God isn’t asking you to say something about yourself that isn’t true. God is asking that we take a good, long look in the mirror and see ourselves for who we truly are, and then after that, to have the courage to ask for help.
Our humility allows God’s intervention. The word humble comes from humus, which is simply translated “earth” or “dirt”. Humility is about coming to grips with our humanity. The Scriptures describe a proud person as one who is “puffed up”. Pride is a determination to be seen as bigger than we are. When we are humble, we are down to earth. No energy is wasted on pretension. A humble man can be taken at face value. It is ironic that the imagery of being humble is one where we lower ourselves. Humility sees nothing beneath it in terms of servanthood. It is in this position that God finds delight in reversing the order. When we lower ourselves, God is eager to lift us up.”

I read that in the book Uprising by Erwin Raphael McManus. To me it was like WHOA! cuz I used to kind of have the idea that really talking about yourself in general, such as ‘I play the piano’ wasn’t being humble. But this opened my eyes to see that it isn’t that way. You can talk about yourself as long as you aren’t doing it to brag or to make yourself look good. I really like the part that says how God wants us to ‘see oursevles for who we truly are’. Just some inspiration I’d share with you guys as I am going through all my old quotes and junk that I’ve collected.




So what are your thoughts?

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