Camp truly es bueno

25 06 2011

I know I wrote a blogpost that said ‘camp es bueno’ but I didn’t really mean it. I wasn’t really feeling it then. I was trying to have a positive attitude about it anyway. For a week I really really tried to be friends with the other counselors and it worked! I feel like I have friends here and people who care. I may not have found my BFFL but I think I am okay with that. I did want to talk about some of the social staff life here. Note: We have a lot of fake intercounselor relationships between people. I hope that nobody starts an actual relationship with somebody because that would be awkward. I have heard that it will happen anyway. So moving on.
Laura is a towel. Apparently that is a South Park reference, and she was trying to find a way to ‘insult’ me. So after that everytime we saw each other we’d say something like ‘You are such a towel’ or ‘what a towel’ etc… It’s our joke but I think it has kind of died down. :/
Terrah and I recently broke up. She decided I wasn’t faithful enough and she likes boys now which sucks. I’m trying everything I can to get her back but I think Nash has won her heart. I did write her two very lovely love notes which I worked hard on. :(
Maddison claims she is devoted to Sarah but I know I can break those two apart and claim Maddison for myself. It’s just a matter of time… and a matter of taking Sarah out of the picture.
Cody found the song of my heart… Baby by Justin Bieber. Okay so maybe I am exaggerating slightly. I do like Justin Bieber and I’ll talk about that in a second. I was working in the kitchen filling glasses and when he came to go through the line singing ‘CAMIE CAMIE CAMIE OHHH’ to the tune of the chorus. I think the funniest moment I ever had with him is after him and Terrah broke up we were eating lunch and he broke the news to me. I responded with “You mean I have a chance now??” and he got a funny look on his face and asked ‘Um, you mean with me?” and I said ‘No, I mean with Terrah!’ That made him laugh.

Related to the previous topic… With my friends who are girls and I feel rather closeish to, I like to joke about being in a relationship with them. When I still had facebook I would find a girl to be ‘in a relationship’ with or ‘engaged’ to. At points I often have 3 or 4 girls either that I’m ‘talking’ to, ‘in a relationship’ with, or ‘seducing’, or is ‘the love of my life’. I have been termed a womanizer by several of my friends. In person sometimes the girl I was ‘in a relationship’ with, we would be mildly affectionate, no more than what I’d do with any of my siblings. I do admit I am a very affectionate person, whether it is verbally, or physically but I try not to be too affectionate with people to the point that they feel uncomfortable. I was talking with a friend and she feels that pretending to have lesbian relationships is portraying sin and not setting a good example as a Christian. She did point out that especially if people don’t know you they could easily misinterpret your actions with your friends. I see the point that she is making but I personally disagree that that is what I am doing because as Margaret termed it, it is play and not we aren’t attempting to actually have a lesbian relationship with each other. Also you can’t control what people think of you. They will think what they want to. “Seeing is not believeing, Believing is seeing”. If they believe something that is what they are going to see. Out of respect for this friend, and a few other people who feel uncomfortable with it, I choose not to behave like that in front of them because they asked me not to. Do you people have any thoughts on this at all? Please be honest.

I heard Ice Baby last night when I was watching Stepbrothers… It sounded really familiar. It turns out that Vanilla Ice used the bassline to Under Pressure by Queen for that song and that’s what I recognized.
The song at the moment that I really feel like I shouldn’t be liking but I. Love. It. is What the Hell by Avril Lavigne. I really don’t find that her music is good at all… cuz she’s a brat in her music and her music videos but I really like this song for some reason. I will admit that sometimes on the weekends when the main building is empty I will take this song and dance around with the microphone in the auditorium as if I am her in concert. I do the same thing with the songs Secrets by OneRepublic, and How He Loves Us by Flyleaf. Just because I was typing that and I was listening to Avril’s song, I just ran into the auditorium and danced to it. I think I almost have an official choreograph to it.

I wanted to talk about how I like Justin Bieber. You know those people that people either hate because they are super popular and annoying or because everybody else hates them because it’s cool? Some people are super popular and super annoying but they won’t go away because people won’t stop complaining about them? Well I’m sure your first instinct is to go complain about them… but that’s not the solution. What if instead of complaining you pretended to like them and you used that to annoy people? That’s what I do! That is why I will swear up and down that I love Justin Bieber. That is why I will sing and listen to Baby by Justin Bieber. The same goes for Rebecca Black. It is so fun to say you love one of them and have people say what? THEY ARE SO ANNOYING! That is when you start singing their songs and watching your little audience groan.
I do have a funny story for today. I probably already told it but whatever.
Setting: 3am in my dorm Lobby.
Characters: Rachel, Philip and Me.
Scene: [Rachel and Me are singing ‘Single Ladies’]
Random guy: Hey who originally sang that?
Me: Beyonce
Random guy: Lets keep it that way.

Songs I am digging:
Avril Lavigne – What The Hell
Sixpence None the Richer – Kiss Me
Misty Edwards – You Won’t Relent

I’ll try and write more tomorrow because I don’t feel like I’ve written about everything I can. :)




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