Camp truly es bueno pt. 2

26 06 2011

The best way to predict the future is to create it. -Peter Drucker
This is a cool quote I read in a book today. It is so true, but not entirely because we can’t control our futures… unfortunately. That is the perfectionist inside of me voicing his disappointment (yes my perfectionist voice is male).

As my eloquent sister put it “You like drama, you just don’t like being in the drama”. Alas that is so true. I don’t mind watching everybody else have their issues and their drama and their worries, and I love listening to it, except when it involves me. Then it just plain sucks. A little bit of drama kinda maybe happened here at work… In the mornings once we get everything in the oven then there really isn’t much to do. I sat down for about a half an hour on a stool and one of the ladies noted that and after breakfast was over she started having me do her jobs for her. Then my boss got mad (not at me) that she was giving all her work away. Even though I wasn’t the one she was mad at, I still felt like crap because I was involved in the drama. Again as mentioned before I LOVE DRAMA except when I’m involved in it. :( If you want to hate your roommate, by all means go for it, but don’t drag me into the middle of it. If you can’t stand your coworker than that’s fine, just don’t drag me into the drama. One other thing I won’t tolerate with drama… say you are mad at somebody for something. Now if you need to rant about it, then go ahead. That is totally cool. If you want to take this opportunity to talk behind their back with nasty things… that’s not cool. I will say something about it.

I am trying to come up with a life motto. At first I was wanting something about loving people… but now I am leaning more toward something about always doing what’s right. What that is supposed to mean is as far as getting extra change at the grocery store or watching somebody being bullied, seeing somebody hurting from loneliness, deciding whether to cheat on a test… all those dilemmas happen to real people. Right now in my head, doing the right thing is picking the high road, but not forgetting about people. If doing the right thing and helping somebody means walking on the grass at Memorial Circle then you will walk on the grass and help them even though the rule says you shouldn’t. If the unpopular thing is to stand up for somebody that everybody is making fun of then you should do it. Basically doing the right thing especially if it is the unpopular thing. If you won’t do it than who will? My motto: DO THE RIGHT THING

I didn’t realize exactly how much of a slump I was in this past semester. I think I need to practice a day of rest. I did not do that. My ‘day of rest’ still involved me doing things socially that weren’t relaxing. Thank goodness I have incredible friends that helped me stay sane throughout the semester. I think only a couple really knew that I was even feeling down. There wasn’t one huge thing and that is kind of what made me believe it wasn’t a big deal. All the little things did add up though. Anybody I ever cried in front of, or ever hinted that I was ever at anything but my best… yes you were THAT friend, one of the ones that was there for me. Some of you will never realize how much you were unless I write you a letter telling you so. I want to work on this year being a little more open with more people about my struggles and my problems. I like to bottle it up and appear perfect to everybody, but that isn’t healthy and it isn’t a really good way to relate to people since I appear ‘perfect’. I like pretending that I have everything under control and I am on top of things. I really need to be more open to my parents about my struggles. That’s probably my biggest area that I struggle with. I don’t want to be the child with all the problems running to them, I want them to think I’m mature and can handle things, when usually I can’t but I just pretend that I can anyway.

I just started reading a guys blog. He is originally from Nigeria and his name is Sammy Adebiyi. In one of his most recent posts he said that if Jesus was picking people for a sports team, he would pick the fat kid. That statement blew. my. mind. I mean who really wants the fat kid on their team? it’s a guaranteed lose! but Jesus would not only pick him but rejoice that he got him… Just wow. Think about that guys.

From back in the day when I used to babysit for the Jazzercise class, they would let me take the class if I had no kids to babysit. Because of the class I got familiar with the song ‘SheWolf’ by Shakira. Aron listens to this Spanish radio station and once when I was out with him this song came on the radio except it was the Spanish version ‘Loba’. I was weird to know the song in English but clearly hearing her sing it in Spanish. Either way I love the Spanish version better than the English version now.

Songs I am digging:
Shakira – Loba
Superchik – Hero
Jamie Grace – Hold Me




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