3 07 2011

I’m going to work on not being shy. A lot of people that read that sentence may not believe it. Almost everybody I talk to believe I am not shy. I’m not shy as in I can’t talk to people at all… Just sometimes silly questions make me nervous and my mind goes blank “would you like that for here or to go?” “are you paying with cash or credit?” “what are you doing here at the library?” Also sometimes just talking to somebody about something really simple is hard. I read in one shy book at the library that the difference between introverted and shy people is that introverted people don’t talk to people and don’t want to. Shy people are dying to talk to people but get too nervous. I ordered a book about it and I’ll let you know what I learn.

I went to Laurens apartment for a forenight and I had a marvelous time! we stayed up all night! we went swimming, toured her college, got coffee, made cupcakes, watches a movie, danced and not in that order.

I have a bad habit of taking things too personally when people get upset. Aron for example. He’ll get upset over something for whatever reason and I’ll take it personally that he’s mad at me and I’ll get upset. We just worked that out where he says “it’s not you, I’m
just frustrated.”
Me: Tell me what her name is!
Aron: Look there is a puppy dog in the sky!

Also the issue of gossip. Too many people like gossiping here and I’m
kinda being put in the middle here and I’m stressing out. So I’m taking Sam’s advice and telling people to stuff it.

I don’t know what I would do without Allie, Aron, Lauren Philip and Sam. btw that is alphabetical order not favorite order….

I love TobyMac’s song One World…..

one world oughta be more than enough
And if it’s not is God looking down in pure disgust?
wondering what the dilly with the silly I see?
I made each of these in the image of me

….and his song I’m For You….

whatever I gotta be, I’ll be for you
whatever you need from me to see you through.
everyone of us has stumbled
everybody’s humbled
we hit the ground and our lives crumble
everyone of us will fall
with our backs against the wall
and everyone shares a need to be loved

….in the first one I love how he’s talking about how God is probably looking down in pure disgust about how we aren’t loving. in the second I love how loyal the song screams out.

Songs I’m digging
TobyMac – I’m For You
TobyMac – Suddenly
TobyMac – One World




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