I forgot a title the first go round

17 07 2011

This week was two camps! From Monday-Saturday it was campcampcamp. I feel like last week was a whole month long. I really wanted to go home but I don’t really have time or a ride. I’m fine with it. I’m going to use the time to rest and just relax after a week of camp. There are so many kids that were just so cute like Brianna, Bianca, Ramone, Jacob, Tyler, Victoria, Clarissa, Taylor and so many others.

Ramone was THE ladies man. He had smooth words for the ladies such as “Is that sun shining or is that you smiling?” Of course Cody was feeding him those lines, but he was young enough that it was adorable to hear him saying it. He claimed me as his girlfriend along with four other girls. Eventually he narrowed it down to me.

Cody: so how are your 25 girlfriends?
Ramone: well I had 25 but I narrowed it down to 7 and now I am down to one.
Cody: who is that?
Ramone: it is a counselor… named Camie

Cody: Ramone kill her *pointing at me*
Ramone: Okay! *wraps arms around me and kisses me on the cheek*

Ramone made us all laugh. He asked for my number today on the last day of camp and I told him no, partly because he was eight and partly because I am legally not allowed to communicate with campers outside of camp.
The other super cute kid was Cutter.

Cutter: can I come up and ask a question?
Darlene: yes what is your question?
Cutter: I have four quarters that equal a dollar, can I buy an ice cream cone before we leave

Cutter: I kicked a frog in the anus and then he peed on my foot because it’s his defense mesichism.

Cutter was eight also, and he was always drinking something be it water, a coke etc…

Jacob: I am dancing every dance because there are a lot of girls and I don’t want any to feel left out.

Jacob was thirteen and another cutie. He had yelled I LOVE YOU for no reason at me in the game room and yelled I LOVE YOU TOO back at him and from then on we always waved at each other and said hi.

I had that awkward moment when me and another camper were wearing the exact same shorts, same size and all.

Today JoAnna, Cody and I went to Hastings. It was like half price books and Barnes and Nobles baby, assuming bookstores can have babies. It had so many clearance shelves and reduced prices books like half price but it also had new books like Barnes and Noble would. I think we were in there for at least two hours. I left my purse in the car so I wouldn’t buy anything. JoAnna loved the store and Cody bought a new book to read.

The kind of creepy thing about camp is how I’m a counselor and I am now
seeing the counselor side of things instead of just being a little camper. It makes me feel old, but not in a bad way. I really do feel grownup now, like instead of just the college freshman, or feeling like I’m only sixteen. I’ve felt like I’m only sixteen for about three years now. I’m pretty sure I’ll shed a lot of tears at SpecTra camp because of the memories I have made when I was a camper there.

In the book about shyness, I found a cool list.

You CAN control
-your thoughts
-your feelings
-your behavior
-your attitude
-your direction in life
-how you spend your time
-who you spend time with
-how long you stay in a social situation

You canNOT control
-others attitudes
-what others say
-how people treat you
-social obligations

it’s a good list. because sometimes I have felt like if I do certain things than I can change peoples minds or attitudes. Also it talked about how a lot of people don’t come across as shy because they don’t act shy usually… and it talked about people who are slow to warm up. I believe I fit into that category.

Drops of Jupiter is the song I feel describes my life at this moment. Basically the slump I was in earlier this semester and now I feel like I am back.

“And tell me did Venus blow your mind.
Was it everything you wanted to find.
And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there.”

I don’t feel that I am the song singer, but the person he is singing about.

Songs I am digging:
Train – Drops of Jupiter
Eminem – Not Afraid
Star Wars – May The Force Be With You theme




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19 07 2011

Awwww!!! Such adorable campers!
Had you never been to a Hastings? Back in San Angelo, that was all they had for a while- we used to go rent movies, because they also didn’t have blockbusters or anything like that. It was really cool when Karan first moved to Denton and we discovered the Hastings here. Memories rushing back!

Drops of Jupiter is such a beautiful song! Once I get my guitar back in shape, I’m going to finish learning it.

I love you, Camie!

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