It’s Augusto!

3 08 2011

So what’s the haps? Camp is over yay! but at the same time I am sad because I really did enjoy working there this summer. The kids were so sweet… I’m soo working there next year if I can help it just for the kids. It’s weird because I didn’t walk away with a bunch of best friends from the job but I loved the group of people that we worked with. I’ll tell some stories to entertain y’all.

On the last day at the 12 and 13 year old camp I was sitting and talking with my campers while I was waiting for their parents to get there. Two parents that came to get their kids asked where the counselor and when I identified myself they said they thought I was a camper. GRRR I truly don’t mind because I know looking younger is a compliment but I don’t like knowing that I look thirteen years old.

At that same camp I had a camper named Marissa who was a redhead. I offhandedly reminded her to wear sunscreen and she forgot to. She had one of the worse sunburns I have ever seen, and I have seen pretty bad sunscreen between me and my family who is full of redheads. Nancy from the kitchen gave me vanilla to put on it. That’s right, the vanilla you bake with. I took a cottonball and rubbed the vanilla all over her sunburn. It worked miracles.

On the last day of camp almost everybody said something about how they can’t wait to go home and get away from kids. I found that funny because my situation is the exact opposite. I even offered to my coworkers if they ever wanted to see kids they could come over. All of them said no. One of the guys however kept bugging me because he wants to double date. He lives in Keller. He’s not one of the guys I was ever planning on seeing again… so I told him sure we could knowing that it will probably never materialize. He doesn’t have any way to contact me unless he gets my number from someone so hehehe yes I’m kind of evil.

So as a joke as far as saying inappropriate things in front of kids JoAnna, Cody and I made up a phrase which I am not posting here… it had the same first letters as the phrase fluffy puppy butterfly. Anyway so like once we were leading songs for the kids at premeal and I asked them what we should sing next. JoAnna offered “your mom” as a suggestion, and Cody whispered our phrase in my ear. What help they were… they were my best friends so it was all okay. I think my favorite moment was during the gala, we were being recognized as staff members. It was Cody’s turn and as he was standing up I noted that he was the only one looking in my direction so I mouthed it and he started laughing that laugh that I love. JoAnna also had a laugh that I loved. She would laugh when she found something funny. She wouldn’t giggle or snicker, she would LAUGH! I loved it!

TobyMac is awesome. His lyrics are cleverly crafted, his music is positive and inspiring, and he is fun also. I want to see him again in concert because the time I went I think it was off night cuz he was just ok. I like how he promotes a diverse message. He incorporates people of all colors in his music.

Songs I am loving
Britney Spears – Hit Me Baby One More Time
Thousand Foot Krutch – Hit The Floor
The Classic Crime – Just A Man




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