Schoool is almost hereee

17 08 2011

Something cool that wordpress does if you set it right in the settings… is that I look over to the right and in the publishing tab there is a place where you can checkmark the box “This post is super-awesome” just as a nice little booster. I checkmarked it even though I don’t believe this post is super awesome.

I’m really excited to meet my new roommate. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned her before here but she’s a little freshman who seems very excited to come to Tech. I’m not going to place high expectations on things like I did last year with my roommate. If we turn up best friends than awesome, otherwise that’s cool also. I have the textbook she needs for general psychology, and I asked for the left half of the room. Otherwise I just can’t wait to meet her and see what she’s like as far as living with other people, personality, hopes and dreams… the stuff you can’t learn about people until you spend time with them in person.
Kirsten texted me today letting me know that she’s in town… my collegetown that is. She’s going to the private university down the street and they always start a week earlier than my school. She is an old friend of mine who we used to carpool out to piano lessons with and she has a special place in my heart.
I get to school on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday will be the “Pre-school” Retreat for the new Bible study leaders to catch up and kind of have a time to regroup before the school year starts. We have no idea where it’s going to be as far as I know but Josh asked Dusty and I to do the shopping for the food and to cook the meals. Honestly, I’m excited. I love cooking, especially in large amounts. I hate cooking for just myself. Being out at school will mean not homecooked meals. I’m going to possibly try bugging my apartment friends to let me use their kitchens… but so far that’s a small idea that I haven’t implemented.

Speed is the new game that is famous at our house. Josiah is always grabbing me and begging me to play it with him. For a while I was the champion but then Hope beat me and Micah. Yeah so I’m no longer the champion. I’m going to try and regain my title, especially since it was a nine year old who stole it.

I found a book at half price called Live Like a Jesus Freak written of course by the wonderful DC Talk crew. It is very inspiring to read. I bought it so the kiddos can enjoy it because they are all into the DC Talk guys and the Jesus Freak thing. I want my siblings to be warriors for Jesus. But not the annoying in your face YOU NEED JESUS type. The type that are loving and not necessarily cool or perfect, but people will look at there lives and say wow. Not because they look good on the outside but because they are transparently genuine. That’s my goal. Hopefully I can achieve it… I mean not that I can accomplish it myself. I just hope that my life can at least inspire them to be open to that direction.

I love this blog
He posts almost daily. The stuff he posts in his blog are so inspiring to me. It’s so relevant. Like today he was talking about how we compare ourselves to others and then we get jealous and envious etc… He said the way to combat that is to publicly praise [not flatter] whoever or whatever it is that you are jealous of. That is so so so true. I mean imagine if you told whats her face that you can’t stand that her hair looked gorgeous because it really does look gorgeous and eventually after several episodes of that you would find that maybe you actually do like her. Anyway, I found it really inspiring. You should check the blog out. I mean the name of his blog is “How much does God weigh,” I mean how cool is that?

I’ll write more tomorrow because I am not done writing about everything.




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18 08 2011

You can always come cook in my kitchen! :D
Karan and I shared that same DC Talk book! My mom has it on the nightstand of the guest bedroom now.

24 08 2011

I would love to cook in your kitchen if you know what I mean ;)

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