It’s September!!!

3 09 2011

So life really has been class, and Intervarsity. As a leader I co-led my first Bible study with Dusty and it went really well in my opinion. We had a bunch of old timers and a new girl that wasn’t shy so it wasn’t a “everybody is new” situation.
Getting to know all the new freshman and stuff is really cool too. Especially since two of them live in my dorm. I’m trying really hard not to be a snob but to be friendly to people. I’ve reconnected with a few of the music majors, the less whiney ones.

Things cool things that have happened that I really wanted to share are…

Wesley – I was sitting in my dorm lobby after church still dressed up waiting for Sebastian to pick me up for the Vision team meeting. He asked me if I had just come from church and I said yes. Then he started talking about how he’s a spiritual person… And then I invited him to church and he said he’d think about it. Wesley is a really cool guy and the fact that he’s interested is just cool to me.

Eren – I am the person he usually vents about stuff to. All last year he teasingly made fun of me for my involvement in intervarsity and church. As he said once “I believe in God but not enough to sing about it”. Last night we were talking because he was venting about stress in his life and he said that he’s starting to go to church, and he’s been reading the Bible. That is just so encouraging and awesome to me. Over the summer he had said that he had been praying every night. So baby steps of course but… All I did was be his friend and listen to his frustrations and stuff with life.

I just really wanted to share those stories… It’s so crazy because I really didn’t do anything except be a friend to those people but yet things happened. That blows my mind and kind of reinforces that fact that I’m nothing and it’s God doing the work.

A funny story I have…. Is Philip and I were insulting each other as usual except for Thursday night because I was out of good insults. So basically I was getting creamed. He was making up stories about me getting drunk and passing out last year at Wall and how he had to take me to my room.
Philip: So I grabbed her legs…
Philip: …and dragged her to her room.
Anyway that little incident cracked me up. He also wrote me a letter which has some of the most cleverly outlined insults I’ve ever seen. I’m not going to post it here because it is quite cruel.




So what are your thoughts?

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