19 10 2011

I haven’t written a post for October yet.
I’m not sure what to write right now.
I’ve been trying to keep my online life to a minimum.
I’ve been listening to a lot of cool music.
Trying to deepen relationships with a lot of people.
Trying to face my anxieties instead of run away from them.
Trying to give control of my life to God.
Trying not to let frustrations fester.
I’ve been discovering some really amazing people out there.
I’ve also been letting go of people that I held on to because I felt guilty about having less than nice feelings toward them.

School is school… just more and more homework and the things I find myself being able to remember and perform is amazing.

Friends are friends… but I’m finding ones that I really feel completely comfortable around.

Going camping with the Lutheran Student Society this weekend.

I’ll post some pictures soon of cool things I’ve found around.

Philip got a girlfriend and I was worried about the jealousy issue popping up so I befriended her and it has not been an issue AT ALL. I’m so relieved. One less thing to worry about. She is incredibly awesome.

For the Intervarsity Vision Team meeting on Sunday afternoon, Dusty and I were supposed to host it. Basically using Dusty’s apartment and we cooking. He had to work so he told me how to break into his apartment and he assured me that Caesar would be there. Caesar was NOT there, Shawn was and he seemed really confused at first at why I was there and how I came in without him hearing me. Then he talked to me while I cooked and we had a nice conversation.

So Friday night, one of my friends had been drinking. It took me a bit to figure out that the Hawaiian Punch bottle wasn’t filled with what the label said it was. Anyway I asked him if he had been drinking, and he said yes and asked if I was mad. That kind of cracked me up because I wasn’t thinking along those lines at all.

As a music major you have to file an Intent To Graduate after 45 hours. I have 50 hours. Anyway so I’ve been thinking about life stuff and plans… so far some ideas I’m liking are.
Minor: Human Sciences and Family Development
Job next semester: CA with housing
Job sometime later: Intervarsity Staff Worker
Job way later: Librarian
Graduate: Library Sciences

Songs I am liking
Enrique Iglesias – Escape
Maroon 5 – Won’t Go Home Without You
Panic! At the Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies




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