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4 02 2012

I am listening to Ben Folds right now. I don’t know if I ever mentioned how much I love his music. Philip introduced us and now we are good buddies. I like personifying things I don’t personally know. Such as the fork you are using… it has feelings too. How do you think it feels everytime you use your mouth on him just to get the last bits of food off of him…. That sounded a little more sexual than I wanted it to.

Frenner (Free Friday Freshman Dinner) was last night. As Intervarsity we always have 3-6 throughout the semester. Last night was the last one for this semester. It was kind of sad in general, but I got talking with some of the other girls. Actually I think of them as a little clique, without the exclusive part. Bridget, Clarissa, and Melissa. They all are really good friends and they room together so that makes them even better friends. They are adorable together. I haven’t really talked to them in a while but I got in a good conversation with Clarissa last night. She is gorgeous… on the outside as a beautiful person but also on the inside she has a beautiful heart. Bridget and Melissa also but there is just something about Clarissa that draws me in. I think for someone her age she is very mature.

I am engaged on Facebook. BAHA! I so missed those days. I’m engaged to a young man named James, who wanted to get engaged so that he could see how his friends would react since he is 24 years old. So far he’s been a busybutt and not accepted my invitation to be engaged. I did put up some couple pictures for my friends to enjoy. One I think looks really legit and I’ll post it below. Honestly with James I really really really think he’s cool. Not in a “I want to marry you way” but more of a “I think you are really cool and I would like to be like you someday”. He told me that I remind him of himself when he was younger except he was less peppier. That made me really happy to hear. I try not to spend too much time around him because I would hate to be bugging him. I feel like I’d be that little annoying person who doesn’t shut up.

Bobby is letting me use his laptop for the semester which is incredibly awesomely cool. I don’t NEED a laptop but it’s a nice convenience to have one for use. I don’t own it of course but I don’t need to own a laptop. Just having one for use is good enough. Mackenzie is letting me use her Ethernet cable so I can have internet in my room. This is super super exciting. In fact I am typing a blogpost on the laptop. I’m up in my room without internet so I’m writing it in Microsoft Word but I’m writing it on the laptop! Today is a complete Bobby day. He’s going to pick me up in about half an hour and we are going to Dr. Deahl’s for her Chinese New Year party. Then Joanna has her concert, and after that it is game night at Dave’s. We both just happen to be going to all three of those. A Bobby day is a very exciting thing to have.

Valentine’s Day is coming up! I’m excited kinda… Like the reason I find Valentine’s Day so exciting is that my family always celebrates together. We do Secret Valentine and it’s awesome. Nothing is cuter than getting a card from your five year old brother proclaiming that you are the best sister in the world. I’m not sure what I want to plan out this Valentine’s Day but I want to do something special with somebody. Maybe a girl party with Kate, Jessica and Janay. Andi is having a Valentine’s party for a bunch of girls she knows so that will be pretty cool. She’s trying to create an atmosphere for girls to be there and just be girls. I agree with her that often times we spend too much time trying to impress boys that we don’t sit down and just have girl time.

I just had lunch with Sebastian and I brought up some issues that have been on my heart such as how I feel our friendship has deteriorated and other things he’s done that made me feel unappreciated and stuff. Like it wasn’t huge life changing but it needed to be said. Sebastian being Sebastian had no idea of course but once we started talking it was all good and we are going to start having breakfast to start catching up and not just let the friendship fail. I was really surprised by his response to what I said. I honestly did not expect him to take me seriously at all but he did. Today reminded me of what it is in Sebastian that I like.

Philip came up for my birthday weekend. That was really really awesome because it had been a month since I had seen him. We went to the Simon Mulligan piano concert which was absolutely fabulous. Simon Mulligan is a sort of prodigy who is 29 now. He had a solo piano arrangement of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. It was incredible. I wish I had thought to pull out the recorder on my phone to record it for my mother. We also went to the mall with Janay and we saw baby zebras outside. They were so adorable. Janay of course flipped out because she loves animals. One of them started nuzzling my arm which was cute. I’m not the biggest animal person but I don’t hate animals. Anybody who tells you that is lying. I’m not just not used to the fur, the slobber, the jumping on you etc… I’m sure if I really took sometime to get used to all of that then I’d be perfectly fine with playing with animals. There is just no way that I can grow old without learning that. I’m sure one of these days somebody will sit me down and make me be comfortable with animals. People keep claiming that they will do it but nobody has as of yet. HA!

James my "fiancee"

Songs I love:
Relient K – Down In Flames
Bruno Mars – Grenade
Jonas Brothers – S.O.S




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