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17 10 2012

Supernerd64 just posted a new post on his blog.  Which made me realize that it’s been a while since I have posted on mine.  I feel like if you divided my life into five categories, that is where everything has been going on.  Today’s category we will talk about is music. I will get that friends post up eventually, more than likely next time.

Here at my university, we just renovated our organ.  We had a huge fundraiser last school year to raise money for it.  It was worked on for the whole month of August and it’s official re dedication was a couple of weeks ago.  It sounds so beautiful… I felt honored to be at that concert.  A few days later, Sigard Ogard (sp?) a professor who was on the keyboard faculty my freshman year, came up from Houston to play his own concert on the organ.  I found out he’s originally from Norway which is so interesting, and is also the reason I am unsure how to spell his name.  I’ve decided I would like to take organ lessons.  We’ll see how that goes.

My piano teacher is back from maternity leave and my second lesson was with her today.  I really like the way we are working together. For those of you that don’t know, I switched to a new one this year because my previous one is going to be doing research and not teaching.  I didn’t think I’d be too thrilled with the 9am lesson time but it’s working out quite well actually.  I’m glad I can see that after two lessons.  I believe one of the main reasons is that she said something about how in the past two years she hasn’t seen me enjoy music the way I did when I first auditioned, so she made one of our goals to make sure we are enjoying music instead of just playing.  It is true, because I get anxious about things and nervous and I worry, which I’m getting better at.  Also at not stretching myself so much that I’m just super stressed out so I think this goal came with good timing.

Two things I’m really wanting to learn to do well is harmonize with my voice, and improvise on the piano.  Both of these things involve figuring things out on your own instead of reading notes somewhere.  I am happy to report that with a few songs on my Ipod I am finding myself doing this.  Half of them is me following the harmonization of the artist but with a couple of others I’ve found a way to improvise a little myself.  Also in choir we are singing a song where the women are divided into four parts and I am the third part with some other women.  That is different to not be singing the top voice all the time but also very very good practice.  As far as improvising, Philip and I had a good sessions where I played the same four chords and he went at it on his viola.  I did different variations of these chords and it seems like a tiny thing but for me it is a huge deal.  Just playing something that isn’t me following notes or chords on a page, and it sounds like real music.

Ben Folds Five came out with a new album.  I only bring that to your attention so I can show you this song of his.  It’s called Do It Anyway and I think some of the lyrics are particularly good.

And if you’re paralyzed by a voice in your head
It’s the standing still that should be scaring you instead
Go on and
Do it anyway

HAVE COURAGE! Anyway go listen to that song because it is great stuff.  I think that’s about it for now music wise.

Songs I’m loving:

Ben Folds – Do It Anyway

Britney Spears – Stronger

Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah




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18 10 2012
Dan Strange

Have a blessed day.


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