It’s the small things…

31 10 2012

Life sucks.

Life is unfair.

Life isn’t always fun.

Life is hard.

Life is not a basket of roses.

I would agree with all of the above statements.  I honestly believe they are true.  If one thinks about those sentences regularly you are bound to catch yourself in a very depressed mood.  For me personally I may believe those things, but I have to take the time to see all the little things in life that make it happier and worth it.  Last night I was leaving the music building and was almost to my dorm when I realized I had lost my ID. Part of me wanted to scream in frustration because it hadn’t been the best day. When I went back to look for it I did find it.  I could have easily spent HOURS searching for it, I could have easily never found it and been even more frustrated.  If I focus on the losing my ID part then that’s hugely frustrating, but if I focus on the part that I found very easily that helps not to stay in a bad mood.  It really is a choice. You can be that person mad about everything, always in a bad mood, or you can choose to have a different attitude.  A bad attitude by far is the easiest to fall into and keep, but a better attitude is worth it in the long run.

Also as a little rant here, I’ve seen people say things such as “depressed people see life like it is”… that is NOT true.  Depressed people see life through lenses that are greatly negative.  Usually it is because of stress of brain chemicals but they do not look at life correctly. Along those same lines, people say “I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist”. Realists aren’t people who take everything in life and find the most negative way to view it.  That is pessimism.  Let’s not get confused with all of that.

Songs I’m loving

Train – 30 Ways To Say Goodbye

Phantom of the Opera – Point Of No Return

Demi Levato – Give Your Heart A Break




2 responses

4 11 2012

I totally agree Sam! I strive every day to live by the phrase, “Happiness is a choice.” which it is! It is far too easy to live life in a negative attitude. Sorry about your ID though! Did you get it canceled? Cause I know that my ID can be used like a debit card if I lost it or someone steals it.

4 11 2012

Nah I went back and found it right away. It was one of those little things where I didn’t lose it entirely. It had fallen out of my pocket on accident.

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