2 04 2013

Check this out! My friend is blogging about his adventures walking across Texas

The Long Walk South


 While reading the “Uphill Road to Grace: Some Pilgrimages” from our assigned text Wanderlust I began to wonder what a pilgrimage of my own would be like (45-63). Wanderlust: The History of Walking, by Rebecca Solnit is not a novel, it is a collection of essays all concerning the subject of walking, but this chapter, “Uphill Road to Grace: Some Pilgrimages” is specifically about spiritual walks to spiritual sights, and the physical hardship that is involved with a walk of a significant distance. I am not a spiritual man, however, the value of a trying and difficult task I find intensely interesting. I think of Gandhi and his march the sea, or Caesar Chavez and his hunger strike. The infliction of hardship on the body to expand the mind does not require a god to pay homage to, only a will to overcome, and transcend the physical form.  As…

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30 week challenge… Day 12

20 01 2013

This week’s challenge is to name favourite fictional character couples…

Carl and Ellie from Up

The couple from Time Traveler’s Wife

The couple from 13 going on 30

As you can see I’m not good with names… and I don’t have a ton of fictional couples that I absolutely adore.

My summer went a little like this

5 06 2012

I feel a strange tug between Lubbock, Brownwood AND Saginaw. You’d think my mind would stop multitasking and just pick something. Speaking of multitasking, I’ve been asked twice this month if I was ADD. The answer is no. I can concentrate on one thing at a time if I want to. ADD people get distracted even if they don’t want to. I also let myself get hyper around people but that has nothing to do with being ADD. I can control myself if I want to, I just choose not to because people enjoy it more when I don’t.

I’m here in Brownwood for the summer. I went home for Allie’s graduation. Working at camp this summer will be incredible because so far our whole team has bonded and is getting along very well without all the petty fights.
Allie’s graduation was sweet. The theme colors were pink and black and she played a wonderful program. I was soo proud. I even leaked a few tears during the actual graduation portion. That’s just an understatement of the emotions running through me at the time.

Right now, I’m so thankful to be in Brownwood. The people around me are incredible and I just feel a million times better than I did last summer around this time. I know it’s because of the change in college kids that they hired. Right now my favorites as far as new people are, Meagan, Jacob, Kelsey, and Jordan. We’ll see if that changes throughout the summer.

Whats goin down

7 11 2010

Basically I’m not sure how to write anymore. I do want to say that big things, HUGE things are going on in my life. I know I have been blessed with a huge pile of energy, a gift of encouragement and a place to reach a bunch of people. So I got this crazy idea that I can talk to everybody and be there for everybody and comment on EVERYBODY’S facebook status, be there for the pick up tennis games, person ranting etc…

How is it going? I’m tired but not exhausted. I have no idea how to answer the question ‘what’s up?’ I’m usually late to things and I get the statement often that I am amazing/awesome/one of somebody’s best friends. Honestly I have a few best friends, they all live back in the Fort Worth area and there are three of you. I’ll reveal to each of you if you are one whn the time comes.

I am living off of Lord Of The Rings music, God, and Intervarsity people. Oh and the hope of going back home. I got THIS close to having a ride home this weekend but it didn’t pan out. :(

Beyond that I am just finding ways to try and bless people, serve others, and avoid Alex. Well not really the third one but it is my gameplan for now.

Anyway if you guys want me to write about anything or anybody specific I will. I’m just not sure what to write about.

Oh and don’t get the impression that I’m not having fun or not happy. It’s just…..not about me and my needs right now.

Hello Audio Post

19 07 2010

Hey man!

18 03 2010

So Spring Break has been pretty amazing! I’ve got my head cleared to a point that I am feeling ready to get back into regular life. Everybody is coming home tonight so life will turn back to normal in that manner!

I am now watching The Office. I am really liking this show! Trudy from Monk is guest starring in the episode that I am watching. But I love how John Kransinki always looks at the camera and gives this funny half smile. I love him as an actor, especially in It’s Complicated.

Beyond that I really am just really really content now with my life. I honestly have grown in my faith. I have found that I am too prideful about how much ‘better’ I am than others and I’ve gotten over that. I am also really seeing how great God’s love is for us. MAN!! It just blows my mind! Read the Ragamuffin Gospel to get an idea of what I mean…

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