30 week challenge… Day 12

20 01 2013

This week’s challenge is to name favourite fictional character couples…

Carl and Ellie from Up

The couple from Time Traveler’s Wife

The couple from 13 going on 30

As you can see I’m not good with names… and I don’t have a ton of fictional couples that I absolutely adore.


30 week challenge… Day 11

13 01 2013

This weeks challenge is to talk about what you are majoring in/studying at school.

My official major is a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a minor in Psychology. I love the way that people and music interact. The way that music can make some people light up just hearing it and others it brings strong bad memories. Most of my friends at school aren’t really well versed in classical music. I want them to enjoy the operas, choir concerts and other instrumental concerts that our school puts on. Last semester I invited friends that had never seen these types of media out and it was so cool to hear their perceptions on the performances and what they enjoyed and didn’t enjoy.

That translates into what I want to do later. Show people the arts since I feel a lot more people would enjoy them if they were exposed or understood the performances better. It is amazing how many times one of my friends said “that was fun!” or “I enjoyed that!” when I would have never expected them to enjoy that particular performance.

30 week challenge… Day 10

7 01 2013

This weeks blog challenge is to mention the last five people you’ve texted.

Kate – my friend from Texas Tech, who we do everything together. Well except sleep and go to class, but it seems like we can and do do everything together because she’s that awesome.

Philip – we are making a trip down to Austin and as the Austin resident we are visiting he is head of the planning committee and we are texting about that.

Lauren – my friend who has proven to me that time and distance is not reasons friendships break up. It’s very possible for them to stay together as long as you both want. She’s headed to Florida for a Disney internship on Saturday which is a huge venture on her part.

Christy Carrol – my boss’ wife who made Jacob and I cookies while we were working camp this weekend. It was very sweet of her and her baking might possible rival my moms.

Mom – I don’t think this needs an explanation but I’ll make a shout out to her for being the best mom in the world and I’ve very grateful to have her for a mother.

30 Week Challenge… Day 9

30 12 2012

This week’s blogpost topic is to Share your opinion on religion.

I’ve seen a lot of ugliness come out involving religion during this election season.  People spend too much time arguing over who is right and what exactly everybody should believe with the goal of being right and convincing everybody of that.  People reach conclusions differently and I have seen nobody truly convinced someone else is right after a religious argument.

The other trend that bothers me is when people get too wrapped up in themselves and trying to be holier or a better Christian or whatever religion and you lose sight of what is important.

Amongst all of this, there is a place for religion but I think people are the ones who mess it up and make it something that isn’t good.

I know personally I’m at a place where I’m not sure exactly where and how to say I am ___ when it comes to all the different Christian denominations.  I am a Christian, that I know but when it comes to Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist and all the different things out there.  I really have no idea at this point.  I see friends on Facebook putting Feminist as their religious status, others Christ Follower and I don’t think either of those are right. Right now mine is blank because I don’t think one word can encompass it all for whoever feels like browsing your “About Me”. If I put just Christian that could be super liberal “progressive” Christian, or it could mean super conservative legalistic Christian. I’ll figure out something in the future, or maybe I’ll just leave it blank.

30 Week Challenge… Day 8

23 12 2012

This week’s challenge is to name your top ten pet peeves.  I dug deep in my brain to find these because in general I have a lot patience and tolerance and very few things piss me off, but when something does piss me off, I get really pissed off. So here goes.

1. People being rude to others

2. People not respecting my time

3. People who can’t be flexible

4. Coworkers that don’t fulfill their job duties because of laziness

5. People that judge other people purely based upon physical appearance

6. People who can’t see anything beyond their own needs

7. When people chew with their mouth open, especially if I can hear that they are or I can see the food

8. Boys that try flattering you to win you over. I’m not stupid.

9. When people try to talk to me when I’m playing the piano

10. chalk or nails on a chalkboard

I see a pattern of people HA! Take that to mean what you want.

30 Week Challenge… Day 7

18 12 2012

This post was due last Saturday, and the challenge was to name your five best friends and five great qualities of them. I picked five people who are part of my daily life and have been very true friends. Honestly my list can be a lot longer but these five people get gold stars.

Lauren is a friend I’ve known since I was 13 years old. She has a sense of humor that can find humor in any situation, and she always points me back to God, to prayer, when I am stressing out and worrying about the little things or big things in life. She reminds me of all the little things that I am blessed with. We have managed to stay very close by writing letters which apparently has been proven by psychologists to be the factor that consistently determines the success of long distance relationships. She is long past the high school drama phase and I don’t feel like if I say the wrong thing or talk too much about myself that she’ll get mad or annoyed. It can be months without us seeing each other but it’s not weird or hurtful since we both are very busy and she doesn’t live right around the corner.

Amber is a girl I met a year ago. She and I share a birthday (next month is our 21 woot woot), and we look for ways to do things such as eat out once a week but do it cheaply. We also are trying to make fitness one of our goals. We made more progress this year than ever as far as sticking to something, we stuck with a weekly water aerobics class and that set the tone for the rest of the week as far as it seeming possible to make it to the gym. As an engineer she’s really busy, but yet since she is past high school drama also it’s not super dramatic if one of us is busy. She inspires me to strive for being more than fine, and to not settle for low standardsfor myself.

Bobby is a guy that I met in my studio piano class. I don’t know if I can really pinpoint exactly why we are friends.  We bonded over our shared love for music, but the fact that we aren’t people who slave away in the practice room for hours a day.  We talk about life in general, and I always walk away feeling that things really aren’t that bad and things are really good.  He makes me question things about religion and examine really why I am believing what I’m believing. Also he helps me see how people are so ridiculous and he’s helped me pinpoint exactly what about people annoy me so I can learn to cope with that and learn from that.  He’s definitely over the high school drama phase also.  Half the time when I’m telling him about a problem he just laughs and it helps me laugh about it too instead of getting all uptight over it.

Janay is my current roommate.  She understands that if two people are in a room it doesn’t have to be awkward if you aren’t talking to each other the whole time. She is older also and is past the high school drama (notice a recurring theme here?), she’s pretty funny and we have great discussions about people and how they interact such as on the sitcoms we watch, and people in real life and especially classmates.  She feels like I’m not crazy and I love coming home everyday to see her and talk to her about things.  We both agree if we had to see each other all day everyday we would kill each other, but as of now we just see each other in the evenings.

Kate is a thinker for sure.  We love making plans to do things together.  I’m usually the one who comes up with stuff and then she’ll ask all the details and I actually have to think out everything that I just threw together.  There is hardly anything we won’t try to do at least once.  When it comes to free things between the two of us, we know where to find everything free.  If you need someone to make a late ice cream/fro yo run, Kate is the woman to call.  As far as discussing people, she always relates it to wolf packs or some other form of animal group which cracks me up a lot.  When it comes to learning the history of things she’s always interested in that and half the time she’s researched it herself.

Songs I’m loving:

P!nk – Try

Ben Folds – Draw a Crowd

Alex Clare – Too Close

30 Week Challenge…Day 6

9 12 2012

Today’s challenge is to name five favorite websites.

1. http://www.sammyadebiyi.com – favorite blog in the world. He takes simple Christian concepts and writes about them while cutting the crap and being honest.

2. http://www.youtube.com – a place I can listen to music, share videos with people and watch videos that my family posts.

3. http://www.twitter.com – here I just kinda write my thoughts out within 140 characters. I try not to only write when I’m in the same mood all the time.

4. http://www.captainawkward.com – a website where people write in for advice in awkward situations with people. I find myself in those awkward situations sometimes and it helps to read other people having such problems.

5. http://www.questionablecontent.net – a web comic I like a lot.

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