25 04 2013

Today has been interesting but I figured might as well make a blogpost about it since I have time.  I am currently working on a big blogpost about new beginnings, graduation, my new haircut, Easter and how it all goes together.

Today we had a conducting assessment where we had to conduct the entire piece through (Waldesnacht by Brahms if you want to look it up), which we normally do for assessments but then we were supposed to have a mini rehearsal and teach a small portion of the piece. Conducting for me is rather difficult, as is public speaking.  But I can get myself through both of these things, just not at the same time. I took this conducting class because conducting is something very intimidating to me and I knew I’d learn a lot and grow as a person and a musician. So today after I conducted the whole piece I was supposed to start talking, but I was so nervous and I couldn’t find my voice and ended up crying instead.  Thankfully my conducting teacher is very nice and very encouraging so she let me leave and compose myself and when I came back I did the teaching portion of it and it went over very well.  It’s funny because the portion I ended up teaching was one that I changed last minute while I was composing myself in the bathroom.  Either way it ended up fine.

Then in my next class, we had presentations [don’t worry mine is next class period] and one group chose to interview religious leaders and talk about that. I wasn’t so hip with their presentation because religion is something way more complex than just a 30 minute presentation covering six different religions.  I’m not good at speaking up in class but I’m not sure what I would have said about it.  For the Christianity section they interviewed one of the pastors from the Experience Life now church since it is non-denominational.  For starters, Experience Life now is not a good church to pick to interview because it’s the hip college church.  Also non-denominational churches really are a denomination even though they claim they aren’t.  The girl giving the presentation ragged on Christianity also because “it’s not open to other religions”… People. Facepalm. Just no. It’s the whole openmindedness bullshit.  You can’t be openminded… the fact that you are against closemindedness already makes you not openminded.

On a side note.. I took a few political and religious quizzes and determined that I most closely fall toward Libertarian and Southern Baptist so that’s what I put in my About Me on Facebook.

This has been a fuss [for the record a fuss is a shorter rant].

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16 11 2010

Today in class I was one of three goofies who forgot to put my name on my test. Most people shouldn’t recognize me since he read my name out as Amanda Butler. My friends caught it and they jokingly gave me dirty looks. In class today we created and performed skits. Our teacher took quotes off of our test essays and he made us pick one to use in our skit. He picked a quote out of my essay and used it.

“Even technology progresses slowly. A caveman didn’t create the iPod. First there was live music, phonographs, radio, cassette tapes, CD’s, and Walkman players, then iPods came out. All the ideas built on each other to get to iPod and that’s the way it should be. Someone else’s perspective may make all the difference.”

HOLY TAMOLEY! My grammar was terrible. It was an in class essay and I was using pen. That’s all I can say for now. One group picked my quote to use for their skit! That was pretty cool. Our skit was called ‘the notorious bootlegger’. The scene opens with everybody in line in front of a movie theater. They discuss the movie Harry Potter which they are in line for. It seems to take forever and then FINALLY the ticket booth opens. A girl runs up and cuts in line. The other people in line aren’t happy but they let it slide. Then it is revealed that she bought the last ticket. The people are outraged. She quickly calms the crowd by informing them that she is a bootlegger and will sell the movie to them after she films it. Two undercover policemen (me and another girl) step out of line and arrest the girl. The people then realize she has the last remaining ticket and run after the police.

Aural skills sightsinging didn’t go too bad. I got there ten minutes early and mentioned it to the teacher. I think she was going to let me slide and not take the exam. She did save me for last and she assigned me a super easy one and asked me if I was going to sing. I did pretty good, except I forgot to conduct. That is a noob mistake. It was pretty cool because I can sing like a guy now! Or until my voice goes back to normal.

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