New beginnings…

9 05 2013

There are four days left in the semester which seems super super crazy to me. This is my next to last semester as an undergraduate. I honestly remember being a young freshman excited to start college and it seemed like it would be forever before I graduated. Then being frustrated as a sophomore because it seemed like it’d take forever and I was swamped, same with my one semester of being a junior, and then bam now I’m a senior. Wow!

Obviously I’m starting a new chapter in my life as far as graduating from college and being completely financially independent from my parents and all. I’ve already been financially independent for a year and it seems crazy that that has happened. Ah! I filed taxes this year for the first time, applied for an apartment instead of living in the dorms, got my own cell phone plan, and all sorts of other exciting things. I have six hours left to take next semester which is crazy for me to think about, because it is definitely ten hours less than my normal sixteen hours. I will be the first child in my immediate family to get their bachelor’s degree! Milestone!

Easter came and went about a month ago and I actually ended up going to four different church services throughout the weekend.  It was funny because before Sunday the two services I went to were rather solemn because they were taking the viewpoint of Christ’s suffering and having an attitude of penance in the midst of our humanness. But come Sunday the other two church services were joyful with the idea of Jesus’ resurrection because that honestly is the pinnacle of Christianity, or at least the faction I believe in. Without that, there really isn’t any point for Jesus, religion etc… Therefore Easter is an important day and a very joyous occasion, pointing to new beginnings for everything.

Just before Spring Break I chopped all my hair off, in preparation for the summer, for a new look I haven’t had since I was fifteen, and I felt it kind of marked the new chapter of my life I am about to begin.  So it was symbolic and practical at the same time.

An idea I have and I don’t know if it will work but we will see… is to move to Houston after I graduate! I’m not going to name off all of my reasons for wanting to go there but at least the idea gives me something great to look forward to rather than just thinking ‘staying in Lubbock and working’.  I love new places, new adventures, and it would be fun to make that the city where I can mark as my after graduation spot.  As Lubbock was my after graduating high school spot. But looking at the practical aspect… I would need a job and a car, but I believe if it’s a good plan all of that will work itself out by the time I would be going to Houston. 

So cheers to new life, new beginnings and new chapters in life!

Song I’m loving

Rihanna – Stay

Meryl Streep – The Winner Takes It All

The Script – Hall of Fame



25 04 2013

Today has been interesting but I figured might as well make a blogpost about it since I have time.  I am currently working on a big blogpost about new beginnings, graduation, my new haircut, Easter and how it all goes together.

Today we had a conducting assessment where we had to conduct the entire piece through (Waldesnacht by Brahms if you want to look it up), which we normally do for assessments but then we were supposed to have a mini rehearsal and teach a small portion of the piece. Conducting for me is rather difficult, as is public speaking.  But I can get myself through both of these things, just not at the same time. I took this conducting class because conducting is something very intimidating to me and I knew I’d learn a lot and grow as a person and a musician. So today after I conducted the whole piece I was supposed to start talking, but I was so nervous and I couldn’t find my voice and ended up crying instead.  Thankfully my conducting teacher is very nice and very encouraging so she let me leave and compose myself and when I came back I did the teaching portion of it and it went over very well.  It’s funny because the portion I ended up teaching was one that I changed last minute while I was composing myself in the bathroom.  Either way it ended up fine.

Then in my next class, we had presentations [don’t worry mine is next class period] and one group chose to interview religious leaders and talk about that. I wasn’t so hip with their presentation because religion is something way more complex than just a 30 minute presentation covering six different religions.  I’m not good at speaking up in class but I’m not sure what I would have said about it.  For the Christianity section they interviewed one of the pastors from the Experience Life now church since it is non-denominational.  For starters, Experience Life now is not a good church to pick to interview because it’s the hip college church.  Also non-denominational churches really are a denomination even though they claim they aren’t.  The girl giving the presentation ragged on Christianity also because “it’s not open to other religions”… People. Facepalm. Just no. It’s the whole openmindedness bullshit.  You can’t be openminded… the fact that you are against closemindedness already makes you not openminded.

On a side note.. I took a few political and religious quizzes and determined that I most closely fall toward Libertarian and Southern Baptist so that’s what I put in my About Me on Facebook.

This has been a fuss [for the record a fuss is a shorter rant].

Songs I’m loving

David Guetta – She Wolf

Maroon 5 – Daylight

Mackelmore – Thrift Store

30 week challenge… Day 11

13 01 2013

This weeks challenge is to talk about what you are majoring in/studying at school.

My official major is a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a minor in Psychology. I love the way that people and music interact. The way that music can make some people light up just hearing it and others it brings strong bad memories. Most of my friends at school aren’t really well versed in classical music. I want them to enjoy the operas, choir concerts and other instrumental concerts that our school puts on. Last semester I invited friends that had never seen these types of media out and it was so cool to hear their perceptions on the performances and what they enjoyed and didn’t enjoy.

That translates into what I want to do later. Show people the arts since I feel a lot more people would enjoy them if they were exposed or understood the performances better. It is amazing how many times one of my friends said “that was fun!” or “I enjoyed that!” when I would have never expected them to enjoy that particular performance.

Schoool is almost hereee

17 08 2011

Something cool that wordpress does if you set it right in the settings… is that I look over to the right and in the publishing tab there is a place where you can checkmark the box “This post is super-awesome” just as a nice little booster. I checkmarked it even though I don’t believe this post is super awesome.

I’m really excited to meet my new roommate. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned her before here but she’s a little freshman who seems very excited to come to Tech. I’m not going to place high expectations on things like I did last year with my roommate. If we turn up best friends than awesome, otherwise that’s cool also. I have the textbook she needs for general psychology, and I asked for the left half of the room. Otherwise I just can’t wait to meet her and see what she’s like as far as living with other people, personality, hopes and dreams… the stuff you can’t learn about people until you spend time with them in person.
Kirsten texted me today letting me know that she’s in town… my collegetown that is. She’s going to the private university down the street and they always start a week earlier than my school. She is an old friend of mine who we used to carpool out to piano lessons with and she has a special place in my heart.
I get to school on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday will be the “Pre-school” Retreat for the new Bible study leaders to catch up and kind of have a time to regroup before the school year starts. We have no idea where it’s going to be as far as I know but Josh asked Dusty and I to do the shopping for the food and to cook the meals. Honestly, I’m excited. I love cooking, especially in large amounts. I hate cooking for just myself. Being out at school will mean not homecooked meals. I’m going to possibly try bugging my apartment friends to let me use their kitchens… but so far that’s a small idea that I haven’t implemented.

Speed is the new game that is famous at our house. Josiah is always grabbing me and begging me to play it with him. For a while I was the champion but then Hope beat me and Micah. Yeah so I’m no longer the champion. I’m going to try and regain my title, especially since it was a nine year old who stole it.

I found a book at half price called Live Like a Jesus Freak written of course by the wonderful DC Talk crew. It is very inspiring to read. I bought it so the kiddos can enjoy it because they are all into the DC Talk guys and the Jesus Freak thing. I want my siblings to be warriors for Jesus. But not the annoying in your face YOU NEED JESUS type. The type that are loving and not necessarily cool or perfect, but people will look at there lives and say wow. Not because they look good on the outside but because they are transparently genuine. That’s my goal. Hopefully I can achieve it… I mean not that I can accomplish it myself. I just hope that my life can at least inspire them to be open to that direction.

I love this blog
He posts almost daily. The stuff he posts in his blog are so inspiring to me. It’s so relevant. Like today he was talking about how we compare ourselves to others and then we get jealous and envious etc… He said the way to combat that is to publicly praise [not flatter] whoever or whatever it is that you are jealous of. That is so so so true. I mean imagine if you told whats her face that you can’t stand that her hair looked gorgeous because it really does look gorgeous and eventually after several episodes of that you would find that maybe you actually do like her. Anyway, I found it really inspiring. You should check the blog out. I mean the name of his blog is “How much does God weigh,” I mean how cool is that?

I’ll write more tomorrow because I am not done writing about everything.

Its almost here

18 08 2010

Today is Tuesday and I leave on Saturday for college. *gasp* Can it already be here? Anyway, tonight I got to say my official goodbyes to Margaret, Deborah, and Aron. It’s so sweet that I have such great friends, but sad that I can’t take them with me. I noticed a contrast between the ways they wanted communication from me and their love language. Margaret and Deborah are Words of Encouragement and Acts of Service, respectively. They wanted me to text them and email them. Aron is Quality Time and he wants me to visit once a month at least. Just something interesting, but I love looking at love languages and their effects on people.

25 things facebook survey

14 07 2010

On this one, you are supposed to put 25 random things about you.  Most of these sentences are straight from flair.  No, I am not THAT creative.

1. I love music with clean lyrics that I be proud to show my siblings
2. Junior High called, they want their drama back
3. I love when you notice something wrong even if I don’t admit it
4. Love or hate me, either way you are thinking of me
5. The piano makes me happy :) I am a rebel pianist, I play without a metrenome
6. A friend is someone who knows all about you, but likes you anyway
7. People who don’t know me say I am quiet, people who do wish I was
8. I love the sport basketball
9. If you mess with my sister I will break your face and eat your soul
10. I am not random you just can’t think as fast as me
11. I’m the person rocking out in their car at the stoplight
12. My family is bigger than the Walton’s and I am proud of them
13. I live for the moments I can’t put into words
14. I am a morning person
15. I do not have a perm, my curly hair is natural
16. The reason I don’t have acne is because I have dry skin, not a miracle acne treatment
17. I enjoy meeting people
18. If I deleted you off of my facebook, its nothing personal, I am just trying to keep my friends list under 100
19. I have 747 songs on my Ipod.
20. My sister Allie and I are best friends. Don’t expect to tell her something and hide it from me.
21. If you text me and I don’t text back right away, I am either thinking of a good response or I am busy
22. I believe college is an opportunity to learn, not to party and find all the hot guys
23. True love doesn’t have a happy ending because true love never ends
24. I know I am not perfect, but I am always me and that is something you can count on forever
25. I may not be perfect but Jesus thinks I am to die for

Orientation this weekend!

19 06 2010

Wowowowowowowowowowowow!!! I got my recordbook done finally. Tomorrow I leave for college orientation. I can’t believe it really. Me actually going to college actually is HERE. It’s not just a thing happening far off in the future. It is exciting but nerve racking at the same time. I hope to find a good Christian club like the one at TCC. I am also anxious about meeting my roommate. I haven’t gotten in touch with her yet. I’m worried that she’s going to be apathetic or something like that. There is nothing worse than being somebody who doesn’t care. I will sign up for classes. I want morning classes… Actually I want tuesday/thursday classes. But if I am forced into them I will be taking only morning classes (my iPod corrected morning to say morbid).

I’m gonna miss a lot of people. :( I’m scared I won’t get to see him before I leave in August.

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