30 10 2012

Usually when you hear the word friends you think of the iconic 90’s TV show. It’s been on late night TV a lot so my roommate and I watch it. It’s amazing how even on a TV show how the idea of having a group of ‘best friends’ is something everybody strives for.  Having friends.  In the show, no matter what happens they always forgive each other and come back as friends.  It makes conflict look easy. The very term friends or friendship brings a smile to most peoples faces.  Friends are something a lot of people depend on for advice, companionship, and just having someone to laugh at things that appear in this crazy journey we are all on called life.

Facebook redefined the way we look at friendship.  Now you can easily have 1,000 “friends” but how many of those people do you actually know? How many of those people have you sat down with and had a nice conversation that wasn’t comments or over Facebook chat? How many friends if they needed help would you actually go help? or are they just a random person on your friends list? How many of us get so wrapped up in updating our little online lives that we forget to have a real life outside of it?

I find that most people are very okay with shallow friendships.  Just the surface, see each other at school and go about my day friendships.  That’s okay I guess… but I really don’t understand that.  Maybe because I’m the type of person to want deep relationships with people.  I’ve realized that that is one of my problems is that when that doesn’t happen with EVERYBODY somehow I take it personally.  I’m realizing that no one has the time or the energy for that.  You will have deep relationships with people.  It may be a few people over your lifetime, or maybe it is many people over your lifetime.  The question is, what do you do with what is given to you? We all impact the people around us in bigger ways than I think any of us will ever comprehend.

The original intent of this post was going to be about how we all need to pursue those deeper friendships, but since then I’ve changed my mind.  I think we just need to be aware of the people in our lives and not take them for granted.  Time is short and you never know when something will happen and you won’t have later.  How many people have I taken for granted here at school and they were gone in the next semester with very little advanced warning.  For all the people that say they have no one to talk to, how do you know if you won’t try? We all are surrounded by people and most of us are waiting for the other person to speak up.  It probably won’t happen so take the first step.  Say hi to the girl sitting next to you in class.  Say hi to the guy on the bus.  Just try and see what happens.  Who knows, they could be your next movie buddy, or best friend.


25 things facebook survey

14 07 2010

On this one, you are supposed to put 25 random things about you.  Most of these sentences are straight from flair.  No, I am not THAT creative.

1. I love music with clean lyrics that I be proud to show my siblings
2. Junior High called, they want their drama back
3. I love when you notice something wrong even if I don’t admit it
4. Love or hate me, either way you are thinking of me
5. The piano makes me happy :) I am a rebel pianist, I play without a metrenome
6. A friend is someone who knows all about you, but likes you anyway
7. People who don’t know me say I am quiet, people who do wish I was
8. I love the sport basketball
9. If you mess with my sister I will break your face and eat your soul
10. I am not random you just can’t think as fast as me
11. I’m the person rocking out in their car at the stoplight
12. My family is bigger than the Walton’s and I am proud of them
13. I live for the moments I can’t put into words
14. I am a morning person
15. I do not have a perm, my curly hair is natural
16. The reason I don’t have acne is because I have dry skin, not a miracle acne treatment
17. I enjoy meeting people
18. If I deleted you off of my facebook, its nothing personal, I am just trying to keep my friends list under 100
19. I have 747 songs on my Ipod.
20. My sister Allie and I are best friends. Don’t expect to tell her something and hide it from me.
21. If you text me and I don’t text back right away, I am either thinking of a good response or I am busy
22. I believe college is an opportunity to learn, not to party and find all the hot guys
23. True love doesn’t have a happy ending because true love never ends
24. I know I am not perfect, but I am always me and that is something you can count on forever
25. I may not be perfect but Jesus thinks I am to die for

I know I am kind of crazy…

11 04 2010

I’ve always heard that jumping into a romantic relationship is a set up for trouble. So, i have a theory. I am always super duper cautious about being friends with guys too soon but I don’t exercise that same caution with girls. So i am going to try out that theory. But really i want no reason to have to deal with a guy liking me so I try and distance myself and keep guy relations sloooooooow.

I might just be nuts but oh well…

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