New beginnings…

9 05 2013

There are four days left in the semester which seems super super crazy to me. This is my next to last semester as an undergraduate. I honestly remember being a young freshman excited to start college and it seemed like it would be forever before I graduated. Then being frustrated as a sophomore because it seemed like it’d take forever and I was swamped, same with my one semester of being a junior, and then bam now I’m a senior. Wow!

Obviously I’m starting a new chapter in my life as far as graduating from college and being completely financially independent from my parents and all. I’ve already been financially independent for a year and it seems crazy that that has happened. Ah! I filed taxes this year for the first time, applied for an apartment instead of living in the dorms, got my own cell phone plan, and all sorts of other exciting things. I have six hours left to take next semester which is crazy for me to think about, because it is definitely ten hours less than my normal sixteen hours. I will be the first child in my immediate family to get their bachelor’s degree! Milestone!

Easter came and went about a month ago and I actually ended up going to four different church services throughout the weekend.  It was funny because before Sunday the two services I went to were rather solemn because they were taking the viewpoint of Christ’s suffering and having an attitude of penance in the midst of our humanness. But come Sunday the other two church services were joyful with the idea of Jesus’ resurrection because that honestly is the pinnacle of Christianity, or at least the faction I believe in. Without that, there really isn’t any point for Jesus, religion etc… Therefore Easter is an important day and a very joyous occasion, pointing to new beginnings for everything.

Just before Spring Break I chopped all my hair off, in preparation for the summer, for a new look I haven’t had since I was fifteen, and I felt it kind of marked the new chapter of my life I am about to begin.  So it was symbolic and practical at the same time.

An idea I have and I don’t know if it will work but we will see… is to move to Houston after I graduate! I’m not going to name off all of my reasons for wanting to go there but at least the idea gives me something great to look forward to rather than just thinking ‘staying in Lubbock and working’.  I love new places, new adventures, and it would be fun to make that the city where I can mark as my after graduation spot.  As Lubbock was my after graduating high school spot. But looking at the practical aspect… I would need a job and a car, but I believe if it’s a good plan all of that will work itself out by the time I would be going to Houston. 

So cheers to new life, new beginnings and new chapters in life!

Song I’m loving

Rihanna – Stay

Meryl Streep – The Winner Takes It All

The Script – Hall of Fame


25 things facebook survey

14 07 2010

On this one, you are supposed to put 25 random things about you.  Most of these sentences are straight from flair.  No, I am not THAT creative.

1. I love music with clean lyrics that I be proud to show my siblings
2. Junior High called, they want their drama back
3. I love when you notice something wrong even if I don’t admit it
4. Love or hate me, either way you are thinking of me
5. The piano makes me happy :) I am a rebel pianist, I play without a metrenome
6. A friend is someone who knows all about you, but likes you anyway
7. People who don’t know me say I am quiet, people who do wish I was
8. I love the sport basketball
9. If you mess with my sister I will break your face and eat your soul
10. I am not random you just can’t think as fast as me
11. I’m the person rocking out in their car at the stoplight
12. My family is bigger than the Walton’s and I am proud of them
13. I live for the moments I can’t put into words
14. I am a morning person
15. I do not have a perm, my curly hair is natural
16. The reason I don’t have acne is because I have dry skin, not a miracle acne treatment
17. I enjoy meeting people
18. If I deleted you off of my facebook, its nothing personal, I am just trying to keep my friends list under 100
19. I have 747 songs on my Ipod.
20. My sister Allie and I are best friends. Don’t expect to tell her something and hide it from me.
21. If you text me and I don’t text back right away, I am either thinking of a good response or I am busy
22. I believe college is an opportunity to learn, not to party and find all the hot guys
23. True love doesn’t have a happy ending because true love never ends
24. I know I am not perfect, but I am always me and that is something you can count on forever
25. I may not be perfect but Jesus thinks I am to die for

Peace be with you

20 03 2010

So i have to be one of the lamest title writers ever. Thats my least favorite part of writing. I wish there was a computer program that could read your writing and come up with one!

I feel a great peace about me. It started yesterday because i was throwing a little mini tantrun at the news that i had to make beef stew. After an attitude check i got the show on the road. In the process i tried some very strong liquor, figured out how to uncork a wine bottle, and sipped on wine. It was an alcoholic experience! But seriously that attitude check effected the rest of my day and today. Its been amazing!! Right now praying and reading my Bible aren’t a chore. I cherish those times, and i am really loving him more and more! I dont have a lot of super close friends but he is there to talk to always. Aron can be there but he is often busy. Margaret and Allie have so much crap on their plate already they dont need more.

Honestly keeping it inside makes me feel better. I know this is a God thing. Kinda like the newsboys song Joy!

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