New beginnings…

9 05 2013

There are four days left in the semester which seems super super crazy to me. This is my next to last semester as an undergraduate. I honestly remember being a young freshman excited to start college and it seemed like it would be forever before I graduated. Then being frustrated as a sophomore because it seemed like it’d take forever and I was swamped, same with my one semester of being a junior, and then bam now I’m a senior. Wow!

Obviously I’m starting a new chapter in my life as far as graduating from college and being completely financially independent from my parents and all. I’ve already been financially independent for a year and it seems crazy that that has happened. Ah! I filed taxes this year for the first time, applied for an apartment instead of living in the dorms, got my own cell phone plan, and all sorts of other exciting things. I have six hours left to take next semester which is crazy for me to think about, because it is definitely ten hours less than my normal sixteen hours. I will be the first child in my immediate family to get their bachelor’s degree! Milestone!

Easter came and went about a month ago and I actually ended up going to four different church services throughout the weekend.  It was funny because before Sunday the two services I went to were rather solemn because they were taking the viewpoint of Christ’s suffering and having an attitude of penance in the midst of our humanness. But come Sunday the other two church services were joyful with the idea of Jesus’ resurrection because that honestly is the pinnacle of Christianity, or at least the faction I believe in. Without that, there really isn’t any point for Jesus, religion etc… Therefore Easter is an important day and a very joyous occasion, pointing to new beginnings for everything.

Just before Spring Break I chopped all my hair off, in preparation for the summer, for a new look I haven’t had since I was fifteen, and I felt it kind of marked the new chapter of my life I am about to begin.  So it was symbolic and practical at the same time.

An idea I have and I don’t know if it will work but we will see… is to move to Houston after I graduate! I’m not going to name off all of my reasons for wanting to go there but at least the idea gives me something great to look forward to rather than just thinking ‘staying in Lubbock and working’.  I love new places, new adventures, and it would be fun to make that the city where I can mark as my after graduation spot.  As Lubbock was my after graduating high school spot. But looking at the practical aspect… I would need a job and a car, but I believe if it’s a good plan all of that will work itself out by the time I would be going to Houston. 

So cheers to new life, new beginnings and new chapters in life!

Song I’m loving

Rihanna – Stay

Meryl Streep – The Winner Takes It All

The Script – Hall of Fame


Challenge accepted…

17 03 2012

So in order to encourage more regular blogging, me and my friend Sam have decided to team up to bug each other into regular blogging. You can view his blog at If we don’t complete the allotted weekly blogpost by saturday night than the other party is allowed to post whatever they wish on the other’s blog. I’m going to try and think of some really evil stuff because I’m pretty sure he’ll fail at posting first. :D

I was supposed to go to Georgia for my cousin’s wedding. That didn’t pan out. Unfortunately I was counting on that happening soo much that it was crushingly disappointing when it didn’t happen. It was kinda like the goal of everything and I was planning to just get out of Lubbock. It worked out because I had to learn to just get over the disappointment and find things to do, since I had canceled all my weekend plans in preparation for Georgia.
I met a cute little boy at the airport. He was waiting for his Uncle Jeremy to come home from Korea. I had just been crying from the stress of rushing to the airport and discovering that my flight had been canceled. He was very very friendly and very very sweet. He was six years old and soo cute!
“Look! I have an arrowhead necklace!”

Mom and I went to see the Vow at the theater. That movie made me cry four times so I am unsure whether it or Up is my new favorite movie. I cried three times during Up… It was about a couple who had been married for two months, then the wife has an accident and she wakes up and can’t remember the past five years of her life, which includes meeting her husband. The sad part about this movie was the part was when she didn’t remember him. He was trying so hard to be supportive but because she didn’t remember him she saw him as a stranger not a place of comfort. I could see how frustrated he was about it. It tugged at my heartstrings. It was based on a true story and that was the cool part too. It wasn’t a sappy romantic movie either. Now go see it before I ruin more of the movie for you.

As Spring Break is coming to a close, I did get almond roca, I did not see Philip (which actually turned out fine), I slept a ton and was really lazy, and I got to see Sam and Lauren two of my favorite people who live in Fort Worth. They are always nice people to visit with and I don’t feel weird or pressured or obligated to see them, I see them because I like to. So after all this laziness I’m ready to go back to school and tackle the rest of the semester.

Picture that is my phone background right now and it super inspiring says “You can’t change the world but you can make a difference.”

Songs I am loving:
Manafest – No Plan B
Gym Class Heroes – Stereo Heart
Styx – Renegade

Yes yes yes

10 03 2011

Oh,what I would do to have
the kind of faith it takes
To climb out of this boat I’m in
Onto the crashing waves
To step out of my comfort zone
Into the realm of the unknown
Where Jesus is,
And he’s holding out his hand
But the waves are calling out my name
and they laugh at me
Reminding me of all the times
I’ve tried before and failed
The waves they keep on telling me
time and time again
“Boy, you’ll never win,
You you’ll never win
But the Voice of truth tells me a different story
the Voice of truth says “do not be afraid!”
and the Voice of truth says “this is for My glory”
Out of all the voices calling out to me
I will choose to listen and believe the Voice of truth

I wish I could say that I wrote the above verses.  They are from the song ‘Voice of Truth’ by Casting Crowns. I’m ‘rediscovering’ them.  I remember this song as the one that would always play and it got annoying… but I’m sad I didn’t see the epicness until now.

I’m going home tomorrow for Spring Break! I am very excited to see my family and some other people also.

A very very old friend of mine has a tumblr and I read this on there today.

Let us love. Is this word so deeply entrenched (see Psalm 119:11) within our hearts that it is impossible for us to sin against our God whose very name is Love?  It should be completely impossible even to think an unkind thought about another. To misjudge, or put the worst interpretation on what someone has said or done – it should be completely impossible. If this word, Let us love, is hidden in our hearts it will prevent unkindness from slipping in and embittering our hearts. Yes, there are times when we have to talk about wrong things that have happened. But seriously, if we can speak of those wrong things without our hearts and souls in deep withering pain and sorrow to tears – we have NOT love.”

Yeah wow.  I’m thinking of all those times I think bad things about people but I still am ‘loving’ them.  You learn something new everyday, and I like being challenged with things like this.  Things that show me, you aren’t really that awesome, perfect, loving person you think you are.

I’m also discovering the idea of rest.  I like to be busy always.  I can tell when I’m too busy because then I end up at the end of the day sitting on my bed sighing wondering when it all will end and when I can get away from it all. Also getting up the next morning is next to impossible because part of being busy is compromising sleep. But really by being so busy is it accomplishing much? There is a line between not being lazy and not being too busy and I definitely was over on the being too busy side.  Now I feel less stressed out and more at peace.

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