The past two weeks…

24 02 2013

I did not jump back on the weekly challenge band wagon which I am okay with. The past two weeks have felt crazy, and I can hardly believe it is two weeks til spring break, the halfway point of the semester. This semester is flying by, but in a very good way.

I’ve been thinking tonight how precious the very idea of life is. I was reading about a girl I know whose older brother died several years ago. That is the second girl I have met that has had that happened where the older brother died leaving them the only child left. I wonder how that affects family dynamics. For that matter I know a lot of people who have two kids with a male and a female in that order. I wonder what our family would have been like if they had stopped at me, and it was just me and my older brother. Things would be very different especially when it comes to the role I play in the family. I feel like one of the oldest children that has many younger siblings that look up at the behavior I model and a lot of my life choices reflect that. How different would my life be if I was the youngest child with just an older brother to look up to? Would that make me more or less of a family person? Just things I’ve been wondering… I know I do not appreciate my older brother as much as I should. Our relationship has been kind of strained and we’ve inadvertently taken some time spent not talking to each other which in the long run I think it was a good thing. Over the break we had a long conversation which I feel is a step in the right direction toward reconciliation. I’m trying to think of it in Baby steps.

Songs I’m loving:
Brandi Carslile – The Story
Beach Boys – Wouldnt It Be Nice
Fredric Chopin – Nocturne No. 20 in c# minor


Thankful list…

4 02 2013

When I went home for the break, I remember having a day where it felt like everything was wrong with the world. My friend Lauren told me to make a list of ten things I was thankful for even if they were super minor things.  This list is a couple of months old but I decided to share it here… maybe it will inspire you to make your own list.

1. Knowing how precious air conditioning is because the air conditioning didn’t work one summer.

2. The fact that I have a way to travel 5 hours home to be with my family… Cuz a couple times I’ve gotten really close to being stranded at school

3. I’m thankful for the fact that I have the opportunity to go to a huge university and get an education.

4. My whole family is healthy.

5. As a family we stick together and love each other.

6. We have unlimited Internet.

7. We have enough warm bodies and blankets to always stay warm.

8. Right now there are six of us on my moms bed which is a California king. We are allenjoying each others company.

9. I have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my mom when I am at home. When I wrote the list she was in bed with a hurt back and we just hung out in bed all day with each other.

10. Having two working cars that can take us where we need.

Last weekend….

3 02 2013

I hate putting titles on things. Hence the reason my blog post titles aren’t that exciting.

Anyway just wanted to put some thoughts into writing about last weekend.

So basically it was my birthday weekend, and Philip was supposed to come up here and be here for that. He had kidney stones that didn’t pass so he had his surgery about the time that his flight was supposed to be landing in Lubbock.  I was super bummed but then…

…one of my friends was in a car wreck that was supposed to be at our birthday gathering. Usually when I hear about car wrecks that involves someone my age it’s usually someone I don’t know, or I only heard about it from a friend who knows them personally. This one really affected me because it involved somebody that I knew, and the passenger who died was someone that my friend had told me about so in a way I felt like I knew her.

I went to see my friend in the hospital and a few things that stand out in my mind…

The first thing he said when he saw me was Happy Birthday, and told me that he was going to be there which to me most people who’ve been in a wreck where they were rushed to the hospital they would not have even thought about that, and honestly if you were in a wreck we all understand why you weren’t there.

I ended up listening to his dad talk about what had happened and it sticks out in his mind about how he kept repeating that it was very sad but there is a reason through all of this.

When I was talking to my friend he brought up the female passenger who he knew rather well and the way he talked her death, he focused more on how her family is and he wished she didn’t suffer rather than focus on how all of this will affect him.

Also the girl’s family had visited right before I got there and they told him that their number one priority was him healing. That was amazing to me how they approached the situation without condemnation, anger or bitterness.

Either way it was a weekend that really put into perspective what is important in life to me. I can sit there and feel like Philip not being there is a complete weekend downer or just be glad that he is alive, that he is doing fine and is safe. A girl who didn’t make to my birthday gathering apologized profusely and my thoughts honestly were, it doesn’t matter. You are safe and that is what matters.

At the end of the day I declare, God is good. Next week I plan to return to regular programming of weekly challenges.

Songs I’m loving

Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven

Family Force 5 – Cray Button

Linkin Park – Burn It Down

30 week challenge… Day 10

7 01 2013

This weeks blog challenge is to mention the last five people you’ve texted.

Kate – my friend from Texas Tech, who we do everything together. Well except sleep and go to class, but it seems like we can and do do everything together because she’s that awesome.

Philip – we are making a trip down to Austin and as the Austin resident we are visiting he is head of the planning committee and we are texting about that.

Lauren – my friend who has proven to me that time and distance is not reasons friendships break up. It’s very possible for them to stay together as long as you both want. She’s headed to Florida for a Disney internship on Saturday which is a huge venture on her part.

Christy Carrol – my boss’ wife who made Jacob and I cookies while we were working camp this weekend. It was very sweet of her and her baking might possible rival my moms.

Mom – I don’t think this needs an explanation but I’ll make a shout out to her for being the best mom in the world and I’ve very grateful to have her for a mother.

30 Week Challenge… Day 8

23 12 2012

This week’s challenge is to name your top ten pet peeves.  I dug deep in my brain to find these because in general I have a lot patience and tolerance and very few things piss me off, but when something does piss me off, I get really pissed off. So here goes.

1. People being rude to others

2. People not respecting my time

3. People who can’t be flexible

4. Coworkers that don’t fulfill their job duties because of laziness

5. People that judge other people purely based upon physical appearance

6. People who can’t see anything beyond their own needs

7. When people chew with their mouth open, especially if I can hear that they are or I can see the food

8. Boys that try flattering you to win you over. I’m not stupid.

9. When people try to talk to me when I’m playing the piano

10. chalk or nails on a chalkboard

I see a pattern of people HA! Take that to mean what you want.

30 Week Challenge…Day 6

9 12 2012

Today’s challenge is to name five favorite websites.

1. – favorite blog in the world. He takes simple Christian concepts and writes about them while cutting the crap and being honest.

2. – a place I can listen to music, share videos with people and watch videos that my family posts.

3. – here I just kinda write my thoughts out within 140 characters. I try not to only write when I’m in the same mood all the time.

4. – a website where people write in for advice in awkward situations with people. I find myself in those awkward situations sometimes and it helps to read other people having such problems.

5. – a web comic I like a lot.

30 week challenge…Day 5

2 12 2012

Our weekly challenge for this week is to post a picture from our last social outing. Technically I’m still having his outing. Tonight was the Carol of the Lights, which is a tradition at my school where they have a little ceremony and then turn on the Christmas lights strung all across campus resulting in the whole campus being lit. Then some carols are sung by the choirs (which I was a part of) while accompanied by the trombone choir and off to the side there are a few people from Silent Raiders, the sign language student organization, signing the Christmas carols as they are sung. Afterwards there is a Christmas concert in the music building which I was a part of singing with the University Singers. This is a picture of a few of the girls from choir and I. I’m the girl in the front row with the dark hair.


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